Seattle approves plan to build new $490 million dollar arena.

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Seattle approves plan to build new $490 million dollar arena.

I can only imagine how it felt for Sonic fans when their beloved team moved to OKC. Having to watch the team now known as the Thunder win the West last season must have made basketball fans in Seattle a little sick. But now with a new arena on the horizon, the dream of NBA basketball returning to Washington is on the verge of becoming a reality. I think the most likely scenario is the Kings moving to Seattle.

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interesting, the Sonics

interesting, the Sonics Franchise left there because of the issue about the Arena, but with that new arena, i wonder if a team would be relocated there or maybe open a new franchise, although talented players would be hard to find, as you see struggling teams and now players have the tendency to choose where they want to play

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I personally don't expect to

I personally don't expect to see any expansion teams anytime soon since the NBA during the lockout was contemplating contraction. If the city of Seattle hopes to have a team within 3 years or so, it will likely have to be a team that's relocating.

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It's a start.

Seattle has a great fan base. And so does Sacramento. Both some of the most loyal fans out there. It's too bad Sacramento doesn't look promising... Seattle fans deserve OKC's team... but it's not like you can clone a team either... I've always felt bad for Sonics fans. Watching some team go to the finals last year that came from OKC via Seattle could not have been sitting right. Sacramento has some loyal fans, no matter how successful the team is in wins. While the Kings going to Seattle makes sense- it's just not right. The NBA should really somehow keep the Kings where they are at, and start a new team in Seattle and also expand one more in Vegas. Having teams in those areas I think (especially Vegas) could keep the revenue going in the league and at the same time having a good evenly numbered amount of teams in the league. And furthermore (although this may not happen anytime soon either), every NBA team should also have their own D-League team. This would keep the best competition in the states. There has got to be ways to make it work out better, but it seems to me the owners are content right now... so both scenerios unlikely. So instead we will have some interesting loyalty with NBA fans most likely. If the Kings move to Seattle, you will have mixed fans that were originally Sonic fans that like the Seattle Kings (or whatever they become) and fans that hold a grudge because the Kings moved and Sonics fans that are sticking with the Thunder and fans that kind of like the new age Kings and Thunder and have sort of 2 teams because they can't figure out who they are a fan of yet... chaos from a fan's prospective. It's good to see Seattle on the verge of a new arena though. It's a step.

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