Is Scottie Wilbekin the best "college" PG (what's his draft potential)

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Is Scottie Wilbekin the best "college" PG (what's his draft potential)

scottie wilbekin has come a long way from almost being

kicked off the team to being SEC player of the year to sum

people saying he is the best college PG (not pro prospect ) in the nation

where do you rank him in the nation and where do you see him as a pro.

Right now I don't see him getting drafted but if they win the title and he has good workouts

he could be a second round pick.

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I say his situation is

I say his situation is similar to Peyton Siva's right now. You see what the title run did for him.

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Wilbekin is as good a

Wilbekin is as good a defender as Aaron Craft is to me. People tend to flock to a red faced, screming white kid, and more readily give him the praise as an elite defender, but Wilbekin is just as good.

Neither stikes me as any more than a potential NBA practice player that pushes the starting PG very hard.

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the other thing going for him

the other thing going for him is he is only 20 years old because he started early.

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Eric Maynor?

Eric Maynor?

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If he goes undrafted, teams

If he goes undrafted, teams will regret it. He's works extremely hard and will give you 100% every time out. He's an awesome leader, good defender, and pretty good shooter. He has all the makings of an excellent back up point guard, maybe even more with his work ethic.

I'm most likely bias because I'm a Gators fan, but I can see him atleast being a Patrick Beverley type player.

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Who are the top 10 " college" PG's in the nation?


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Scottie Reynolds

Reminds me of Scottie Reynolds not a NBA player IMO.Overseas yes.

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Wilbekin is a classic

Wilbekin is a classic overachiever, but I dont see him as the best collegiate PG or a good NBA PG.

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top bakers dozen senior pg's (pro potential)

1.Deonte Burton 2. Kendall Williams 3. Russ Smith 4. DeAndre Kane 5. Shabazz Napier 6. Xavier Thames 7. Justin Cobbs 8. Scottie Wilbekin 9. Keith Appling 10. Aaron Craft 11. Joe Jackson 12. Bryce Cotton 13. Juwan Staten

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I dont mean to be "that guy"

I dont mean to be "that guy" but you left off some of the Bob Cousy award finalists.. They are the best college PGs in the country..

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Not even close. It's funny

Not even close.

It's funny how people look at the starting PG for the #1 ranked team in the country and instantly anoint him the best PG in the country.

Scottie Wilbekin is tied for 188th in the country in assists per game.




You can't be that weak a facilitator and be the best in the country. Or anything even close to the best.

Kyle Anderson and DeAndre Kane run circles around Wilbekin.

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Scottie hasnt impressed me

Scottie hasnt impressed me much to be honest,from what Ive seen of him and other PG's Id take over him for sure are:

Juwan Staten who is one of the best Pg's in the country Idc if he doesnt get any hype boy can play.

Deandre Kane

Keifer Sykes

Shabazz Napier

Joe Jackson

Theres a couple other PG's I have seen that looked better than Scottie but I want to see Scottie play some more but the ones I named are for sure better than him IMO

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