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Gonna make a prediction that it will only take Dennis Schroeder 1 season to become the starting point guard of the Hawks.

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That kid Schroeder is the

That kid Schroeder is the real deal,he's going to be 1 of the 10 best rookies next season...........Im also expecting John Jenkins to be much improved....The Hawks arent expected to do much this year..So they arent going to be under alot of pressure,all they have to do is go out and play..They might be good enuff for a 7th or 8th seed........

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From what I saw in the summer

From what I saw in the summer league I like the kid a lot as well. Obviously he has a lot to work on to become a top point guard in the league. His jump shot has to get better. Which it will because he has a nice form on his shot. Once he gets that under control he will be deadly in the pick and roll game. He is extremely quick and has long arms which is perfect for defense. He can turn into a Gary Payton type player on that end of the court. But I'm not sure if he is going to start next year because Jeff is getting better and better. Maybe after two seasons with the team. Or he just flat out takes the job over.

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I think he will have to get

I think he will have to get bigger and stronger to fully handle the grind of a long NBA season. I worry about him fighting through picks all season long. If he is able to adapt to the physicality of the NBA, which I think he will, because he doesn't seem to lack toughness, then he should have a very bright future in the NBA. His ability to get into the lane is extremely impressive and his passing ability and court vision is the best of any player from this year's draft. He has outstanding court awareness for a young player.

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I really like him

before My Jazz made the trade to get trey I was really hoping they would take him @ 14

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They just signed Teague to a

They just signed Teague to a 4 yr 32 million dollar deal, and him and Teague have the same exact strengths and weaknesses, its just that Schroeder is less polished. It'll be interesting to see how much he plays, because he is a big upside player.

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I would agree with you if

I would agree with you if they didnt just sign Teague...Plus Teague is steadily improving every year and he has a couple years experience on Schroeder...

U might see one of them end up getting moved for a SG or SF

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schroeder over Burke.. sorry jazz fans, you clearly made an awful mistake

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