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ya'll probably wont believe

ya'll probably wont believe any of this but here it goes.

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KD at Oklahoma State

I attend Oklahoma State and was fortunate enough to watch KD play flag football during the lockout. I'm sure you guys heard the story from somewhere, but a student tweeted KD asking him to play in the intramural championship, and sure enough, KD came out with his crew in a big black van. It was pretty crazy. High fived him a few times after touchdowns, didn't really get to talk to him. But it was still fun to see.

Also that summer, I met LeBron, Melo and CP3 at a lockout charity game in OKC. They signed some stuff for me and then put on a great show.

Most recently I met James Harden before a Thunder game. He comes out and warms up WAY before the games and talks to fans for 20+ minutes afterward. He took a picture, signed a ball for me and then just hung out for 3-4 minutes. Super cool guy.

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When I was quite young I seen

When I was quite young I seen Troy Aikman & Emmitt Smith. I had an extra shirt with me and they both signed it, I still have that shirt hanging up in a frame in my room.

Also when I was young I was at a motorcross event and Jeremy McGrath threw his goggles into the crowd after winning the event, I was the one who caught them, after the event was over he was signing posters and I came up to his booth and showed him his goggles, he then not only signed my poster with a custom message but then signed the goggles as well.

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Hello everyone

Hey guys,

I'm following this site for a while now because I think it's one of the most up to date Basketball related sites on the web right now. I'm from Germany and it's really hard to find good stuff in german but this one over here is just fine for me. I really like reading about all the prospects and up and coming NBA ballers here and you guys doing terriffic stuff to keep this interesting!

To come back to topic... Last year I had to fly over to D.C. For a business trip and was really excited to finally see NBA basketball. So in the end it was Wizards vs. Clippers (before they went cool) and even Blake wasn't exciting at all.Afterwards I went to some bars with my american colleague and we saw Chris Kaman in the bar. He was really nice and we talked about the german basketball team and we took a picture together. The funny thing is it was around 1 am and I already was kind of beer driven... I've never looked goofier on a picture and this was next to a 7 footer who isn't exactly what you would call a top model. He was really really tall but a very nice guy and I liked him.

Another nice story was a female friend of mine once was studdying in Wurzburg which is also known as home of Dirk. She met him at a restaurant where he was waiting for an interview crew for a german magazine a few years back when he wasn't MVP yet. She recognised him which he found very cool because not every girl in germany knew him back then. So they sat at his table and talked for about half an hour. She never told me about this story but a few weeks later she gave me an autograph with a didication to my birthday. I was absolutely happy! To be honest, I really think that Dirk is one of the classiest guys ever in the league. I don't say this because I'm biased but honestly,this guy is so grounded and nice,he is just a human beeing playing ball out of this world.

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I saw Delonte West in Home

I saw Delonte West in Home Depot, unfortunately he couldn't talk because he was working.

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I saw Josh Cribbs at a charity Bowling with the Browns

One of the other assistant coaches at the high school I was coaching at bought a lane at Mike Furry's charity event Bowling with the Browns. There was a player or two in every lane, why had third string QB Ken Dorsey. Cribbs was dressed as a pirate and took a picture with my son. Derek Anderson was Tiger Woods and a lineman was Fred Flintstone. I won a key pack that had tons of autographed stuff in it, it was pretty cool. It was at least 30 players there, Brady Quinn didnt show up though.

I used to see Austin Carr at Lifetime Fitness and he used to go hard on the weights. Even at his age he would be drenched in sweat going crazy hard. Never saw him at the court though.

Many players used to come through the barber shop Diamond Cut and Double Tri D before that. Mike Tyson, Shawn Kemp, Andre Miller smoked a blunt in there one day I was there. Kemp always had a white cup and two black matching SUV's. Brevin Knight was pretty cool he would speak to you. Derek Anderson was the coolest dude ever, he would just blend in except for a huge No Limit platinum chain.

I have worked in all the stadiums and arenas, the Browns even till last year. Sagana Diop used to have to give Dajuan Wagner rides home because his drivers licence was suspended. Jeff Mcginnis was the flashiest dressers, it was ridiculous, diamonds and furs and shades every day. It could be 80 degrees out and he would have on a fu full legnth coat.

Darius Miles in a normal dude, like rally a normal dude, fame did nothing to him and he could care less. Shame injuries took him out.

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I've met quite a few former

I've met quite a few former UK players both on campus, and around Lexington. Anthony Davis is an alright guy, and Brandon Knight is a really cool guy. He's very articulate and well spoken. Oddly enough I've spoken to both at the chipotle located right off campus.

I also met Grant Hill in Orlando at a waterpark. He was there with what I'm assuming was his daughter or neice or something. He's a lot thinner than I would have imagined but he was a nice guy as well. A friend of mine ran by him waving a UK towel and he apparently got a kick out of that

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I saw Mark Madsen skippping
  • I saw Mark Madsen skippping (100% serious) on a soccer field. Does he count as an athlete?
  • Also saw Johnny Flynn doing some video shoot at the same lifetime that Royce White and Larry Fitzgerald always are.
  • Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph and former DE Ray Edwards came into the place I used to work before.

Thats all i can think of off the top of my head

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Oh yeah I forgot the Johnny

Oh yeah I forgot the Johnny Flynn one too. That was weird as hell.

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Great forum post, these are

Great forum post, these are all really cool to read.

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Keep em comin!!!!

Keep em comin!!!!

Unrelated, 2 years ago I went to Las Vegas for a company business trip. We flew in on thursday and we stayed in Henderson about 35 minutes away... on saturday we were allowed to take a shuttle to the strip. Whilst hammered drunk I was walking around and I noticed this guy next to me and he looked familiar. I hit the sobriety button in my brain for a few seconds and realized it was Bret Michaels (lead singer of Poison/rock of love tv show personality) and he was walking with a black gal dressed in a playboy bunny outfit. I padded him on the shoulder and i was like "YO BRET MICHAELS WHATS UP BRO!?!?" and he gave me a high five and a smile and a bunch of people also saw him and were yelling hey bret and stuff... anyways, fun time man.

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