Saunders fired, Randy Wittman named as Assistant Coach.


You can't say you didn't see his coming after the start they're having. But now who do you think will take over? What changes will they make? And any other things about the firing of Flip Saunders.

I personally think it was the right descion and I think some other may follow the Wizards lead.


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Over the course of two months

Over the course of two months the Suns have completely retooled their roster by being aggressive in free agency and ambitious while working the trading block netting a team which could possibly compete for a Western Conference playoff spot in their first season without Nash.

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Very few teams simply have

Very few teams simply have their own first and second-round picks. The Indiana Pacers, Milwaukee Bucks, San Antonio Spurs represent 10 percent of the league. The other 90 percent has something coming in or going out (based on protections).

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