Saric Pulling Out

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Saric Pulling Out

Dario Saric allegedly pulling out of the draft according to a statement given by his agent.

Thoughts on his decision, if this is in fact true? Personally I think this was a poor decision, because if it was about money/being picked high, he had a better chance this year, when people hadnt seen as much of him and he hadnt had his game nit picked over as much, but more importantly, next years draft is shaping up to be one of the better ones in recent years and will be stacked with talent, whereas this one is bereft of it. He would of been better of going into this draft if it was really about being picked high.

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gosh dang it, why does

gosh dang it, why does everyone keep wordin it like that??

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Good move, don't wanna get

Good move, don't wanna get the b*tch pregnant

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I looked at your picture and read this comment in a matter-of-fact grandma voice

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I definitely think he woulda

I definitely think he woulda gone lottery this year. Its amazing how weak this draft is becoming.

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It makes sense given

It makes sense given everything his father said during the contract fallout, and the fractured season with Cibona is not really the proper stepping stone to the NBA for a 19-year old. There is no doubt that he is going to make a good living playing pro basketball, whether in the NBA or Europe, so what is the incentive for him to try to enter the NBA before he is ready?

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