Sam Hinkie On Secret Scouting Mission

It was reported on that Sam Hinkie is currently overseas to scout a player for this draft coming up that is so good and important that only a handful of people knows about him. Does anyone happen to have any idea who that player is ?

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If he is so good and

If he is so good and important more than a handful of people know about him. We live in the information age. The dream days from the air up there no longer exist. Not to say everybody ranks then equally as high but everybody knows about him.

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where's euroballer when you

where's euroballer when you need him?

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LOL ! Priceless !!

LOL ! Priceless !!

King Calucha
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We'll know soon. The player

We'll know soon. The player will have to declare for the draft. I don't think that player is completely unknown... he's probably just off the radar for most teams.

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at a certain age...

After a certain age (not exactly sure the age) you become automatically eligible for the draft, so this player may not have to officially declare, much like seniors coming out of College.

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Yao Ming, Comeback Edition

Yao Ming, Comeback Edition

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Read someone say that Sam Hinkie is going to be considered one of the great GMs when he is done. Maybe this is going to be part of his "legend".

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He's referring to Bogdan

He's referring to Bogdan Bogdanovic, but we all know the secret it out. Kid can flat out Bogdan.

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Kristaps Porzingis maybe?

Kristaps Porzingis maybe? Sort of just came out of nowhere and is very talented. Bogdanovic is a well known prospect same with Saric, and Micic. Capela has had exposure at the Hoop Summitt. Hezonja plays in Barca.

Im thinking Nurkic or Porzingis.

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Hope they are thinking on

Hope they are thinking of drafting Hezonja. Hezonja can't flaunt his talents in the Euroleague because he was in a stacked team that didn't give him playing time. If not for that, he is at least top 20 in my book. The Sixers, with their lack of depth can give this guy some burn and they'll see how good he actually is.

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