Salary Cap and Signing Players ??

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Salary Cap and Signing Players ??

Did any rules change after the last labor agreement and how do some things work?

Let's assume that a team is OK paying a luxury tax. How do some things work?

If you have a player and have "Bird Rights" you can sign him to a max contract? Can you do that with an unlimited # of players as long as they are on your roster? Do you need to have cap room to fill out your roster or does that not matter as you can still sign players to veteran minimum contracts even if you are over the cap?

What if you are over the cap but have an expiring contract? Can you sign a FA for the same amount as the expiring contract and remain the same amount over the cap or does that expiring contract just go away and you then are not able to sign a FA if it will put you over the cap?

If you are over the cap and have a FA but you do a sign and trade and aquire players in return with expiring contracts or contracts that expire earlier then the player you signed and then traded do you get to stay over the cap by signing new FA's to take the place of those expiring contracts?

Is there some place that has a "cap for dummies" type of explaination for people who want to try to play GM?

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