Safety pick or try to find a Hidden Gem in a weak draft?

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Safety pick or try to find a Hidden Gem in a weak draft?

There are some questions about to draft players READY ( to contribute from Day-1 ) or guys with POTENTIAL ( to be very good players..) but still two season away to bring water to mill...

Remeber that a HUGE TALENTED DRAFT will attend you next year, even if you wrog this year, maybe ....
So this is two ways for the Wizards this year :

#3 Cody Zeller / 8 Porter
#37 James Southerland / Deshawn Thomas
#54 Ryan Kelly / Eric Murphy

#3 Steven Adams / Lucas Nogueira
#37 Archie Goodwin / Ricardo Ledo
#54 Grant Jerrett / Adonis Thomas

Thought? Com'on , don't be afraid of red flag me !

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If you want to find a hidden

If you want to find a hidden gem, you don't overdraft them, you would trade back/up. I don't see why the Wizards would draft a big man when they already have to many under contract unless they wanted to satisfy John Wall's want of a Pick n Roll guy. I still like Porter at 3 for them, he still has a lot of potential, just not as much as people want I guess. I don't understand this law of "if you fail at the draft this year, you have next year", I don't see the Wizards doing worse than 9 or 10 (possibly able to make the playoffs) if Wall stays healthy so really you should draft the best guy for you, and that man is Otto Porter.

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Hidden gem, Giannis,

Hidden gem, Giannis,

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Many times this decision

Many times this decision comes down to how secure a GM is in their job, if a gm is safe he will do what he thinks is best for his teams situation but if he isn't safe he will do what he thinks has the least chance of backfiring which in turn raises his chances of getting canned. Guy in SA can do whatever he wants while the guy that was before ujiri in Toronto was scared to fart.

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what sclidd said. Giannis has

what sclidd said. Giannis has more upside than Porter and positional versatility down the road.

In new video footage he looks like he's up to 210ish, like Harkless was last year.

They could probably even bring him over this year and get production from him off the bench. In a year or two he'll be better than porter, and close to max contract worthy in 5 years.

Alex Len would be the p and roll option.

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It seems so obvious now...

It seems so obvious now...

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