SAC and MIL rumors

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SAC and MIL rumors

Starting to see multiple rumors of a potential Larry Sanders and Brandon Knight to Sacramento for Ben McLemore and the #8 pick.

I kind of like it for Sac, pairing boogie with a shot blocker, but not sure about Knight with Thomas already at PG, maybe SG or 6man? Seems like giving up on Ben too early and chance someone slides to 8.

For Milwaukee it could work out great if Embiid is there at 2 or Henson can develop as a defensive anchor. As above Ben and #8 looks like coupe to me for just Knight and Sanders.

Thoughts, is this too one sided for Milwaukee or could Sac really be that down on McLemore and not value the talent at 8?

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If Milwaukee wants to

If Milwaukee wants to progress for the near future, any trade rumor involvement should automatically attach Mayo within the package.

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Too one sided for Milwaukee?

Too one sided for Milwaukee? They are losing the talent in this trade. They are unloading a bad contract in Larry Sanders though. Sanders and Knight are atleast above average NBA players for the most part. McLemore hasn't shown much, and if the Kings are wanting to get rid of him, then that should tell you what you need to know. Theres a chance you could get a difference maker at 8, but that depends on how things go. I think Brandon Knights a pretty good player. This is full on fire sale for Milwaukee.

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I think Sac really want to

I think Sac really want to make the playoffs next year, I think Sac is trying to move that pick to get a proven starter, I don't think they want to wait for B Mac to develop. They really have a talented squad they need to focus on getting better defensively, playing better together as a team, and they could use a playmaker to make each other better.

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Kings' management

Kings got a string of bad draft day in lottery for the past few years but being impatient may end up like the last summer Bucks. Knight is clearly not the franchise PG that you are looking for...

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I would totally watch

I would totally watch McLemore, Antetokounmpo and Wiggins on the same team.

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why are the kings giving up

why are the kings giving up on mclemore this early? like what happened on T-Rob, its like wasting picks, Look at T-Rob at Portland now a solid energy big. If Mclemore was in this draft? would he be the Top SG available? he is athletic and a suave shooter

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Salaries don't match. They

Salaries don't match. They might include Jason Terry to make it work (with Terry being basically an expiring contract).

By the way it would make sense for the Bucks since they are not in win now mode anymore and the new owner has stated he is okay with some rebuilding. They would give away Sanders' contract, which now looks like a horrible decision (though it might be too early) so they would have ton of flexibility and young players to try and build a core for their future (also if they're able to get Embiid they would be able to replace Sanders immediately).

But the Kings would find their cap totally screwed up and they have to sign Thomas. Maybe getting Knight would mean they're not bringing Thomas back, but it would also mean paying the luxury tax next year (I'm not sure, but that's what some quick math suggests). Is it worth it? Would this team be good enough to justify one year of luxury tax?

On the one hand it's true that Sanders would provide them the rim protection they lack and make up for Cousins' defensive deficiencies, but on the other hand can you build a good offense in todays Nba with those two bigs? Also with a guy like Rudy Gay being just a so-so shooter and without any talent at shooting guard and coming off the bench? And the West is going to be loaded again next year, if any even better with the Brow continuing his development and the Pelicans being healthier, the Nuggets likely not crippled by injuries like this season, the young Jazz maybe not contending for a playoffs spot but at least getting better, so such a team could be good only for a 9th-10th spot. It's true that Gay's contract expires next year, so they will have cap space and flexibility to build a winning team by the summer of 2015 and Cousins, but they might lose their first round pick to Chicago next year (it happens if it's outside the top 10) and Sacramento it's not that attractive as a destination for top free agents.

I don't know, they might have some backup plans, but it seems like a panic trade to me. They might be winning on talent, but talent it's not the only thing that matters in a trade.

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Could we get a source?

Could we get a source?

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