Sabermetrics in basketball

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Sabermetrics in basketball

I wonder if the principles of moneyball could be transfered to hoops? So im interested in what the forum thinks.

Also: I would be interested to experiment with this. Wouldnt it be cool to coach a (very) small school college team, and apply the principles of sabermetrics in the recruiting proces. I could see it working, and in time we could be very succesfull. If you want succes you gotta put yourself out there. That oakland guy took great risks AND IT PAYED OFF. letme know if anybody is interested.

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^It's a great idea, but it is

^It's a great idea, but it is almost impossible in terms of recruiting. I think that very soon an NBA coach will do this in regards to NBA and College guys, but are the stats ofr High School kids really avalible, I mean are there enough increments of to get a PER Rating, or a True Shooting Percentage, or a rebounding percentage, or whatever they have for assists. I just don't think the info to get metric stats is out there.

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