Is ryan harrow still a draft prospect?

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Is ryan harrow still a draft prospect?

the guy looks like a high school kid out there

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I don't know how he could be,

I don't know how he could be, at least for this year. 'Nothing he does is at an elite level in college let alone the NBA. He'll either be playing in Lexington or overseas next year.

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No, he is not.

No, he is not.

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He plays with no confidence

He plays with no confidence and he lacks toughness...Until he corrects those I can't see him playing in the NBA...He's not as far off as most people think though...

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He's a 21 year old sophomore

He's a 21 year old sophomore and turns 22 in April. With two years left of eligibility what does this kid do? If he stays he's not going to get much playing time behind the Harrisons and James Young. So then he has to come back and who knows who will be coming into the 2014 class for UK. I'm not too sure many teams will draft a 24 year old in 2015 draft

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His hoopmixtapes were cool in high school and that's about it

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I think Ryan will either get

I think Ryan will either get drafted then cut or won't get drafted all together. But he will be a solid pro in another country I believe ,he still has pro potential but just not in the NBA. All of that bounce and speed he had a few years ago seems like it isn't there anymore.His whole game all together just puzzles me.

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Harrow showed promise of

Harrow showed promise of being a solid PG when he returned from his "leave of absence" earlier in the season. However, he has been making a habit of being absolutely non-existent in big games or when the game is on the line.

His confidence is very shaky and he plays with no aggressiveness at all. Currently, a team would be wasting a 2nd round pick on this guy. I'm not seeing any upside. He should be stay for his remaining years and bulk up. Josh Harrellson proved that you can play limited minutes one year (practicing against NBA prospects throughout the season) and then have a solid senior season and get drafted.

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