Russell Westbrook

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Russell Westbrook

Is clearly needed in OKC, Offense looks shaky, Defense looks shaky, KD only had 13pts last night, not to mention they lost early in the playoffs last year.

I hope people really see what his value is to OKC, yes it's only been two games, but any true OKC fan or anybody that really knows basketball can now see, Westbrook doesn't hurt OKC at all, he helps them tremendously.

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Russ isn't OKC's biggest issue

Missing Russ obviously is hurting them. I thought Scotty Brooks would have come up with an offensive system that emphasized ball movement in lieu of running a million Durant and Ibaka iso's...but yeah.

BUT...the absence of Westbrook isn't their biggest problem. It's the fact that they choose Ibaka and Perk over James Harden. They were insanely dumb not to amnesty Perk to try and keep Harden, and sign Ibaka to a cheaper deal. He looks like he's stagnated, while Harden is the best SG in the league right now. That trade will haunt them more than missing Russ ever will

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Westbrook is playing today,

Westbrook is playing today, it will be interesting to see how soon he is up to speed.

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