With Rudy Gay out for a Month..Mayo getting traded seems Unlikely to Happen

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With Rudy Gay out for a Month..Mayo getting traded seems Unlikely to Happen

Just win things were starting looking good for the Hapless Grizzlies..Come news that forward Rudy Gay will be sidelined for 4 weeks becuz of a partial dislocation left shoulder injury..Gay couldnt raise his left arm and had to shoot his free throws using only his right arm,making 1 of the 2 free throws..Gay injured his should in the 2nd quarter of tuesdays win against the 76'ers...

His lost is troublesome,becuz they're in the middle of a 4 game winning streak..And fighting Utah for the final playoff spot..Memphis will miss his 19 points a game and 6 rebounds..Zack Randolph has been the heat & soul of the team..And will need some help carrying the scoring load..Center Marc Gasol & guard Mike Conley are quality players ,but they both have to fight for their points..Tony Allen's defense has been a blessing for them this season..But both he and Sam Young arent bigtime scorers..Forward Darrell Arthur has been playing better the past week..But nobody fear him on offense...

Its strange that Gay got hurt on the same night guard OJ Mayo was returning from a 10 game suspension..Mayo has been mention to be on the trading block..But with Gay out..And with no other consistent scorer on the roster..It looks like they might wait to deal Mayo..Unless a good deal come along...

Mayo has had an up & down season with includes a fight with team mate Tony Allen,benched for being late to a practice and giving a 10 game suspension for taking a banned substance..Mayo he was sent to the bench to increase scoring off the bench...The lastest rumors have him going to Houston for Cortney Lee..I love Lee's game..But Lee's too inconsistent and is better coming off the bench,he's more 6th man material....While Mayo has the talent to be an All Star....


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That does not mean he will

That does not mean he will not go. Mayo is not irreplaceable, they can bring in another scorer.

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I still think he will be

I still think he will be traded anyway and that they will start Sam Young and Tony Allen. The Grizzlies have been playing very well while giving the two defensive-minded players quality minutes.... Both of them have shown some decent ability to score also this season and they both have much better shot selection than Mayo, even though neither is obviously as good of an offensive player as Mayo. I expect a slight increase in numbers from not only the two above, but also Randolph( don't know if his stats can get any better... lol), Marc Gasol, Mike Conley from a scoring standpoint and even Darrel Arthur.

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Mayo is a dime of dozen guard

Mayo is a dime of dozen guard in the NBA and it's about time people start understanding that. He's nothing special. Just another undersized tweener who can score.

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Been saying that for a while

He is nothing special. He's not. People compare his situation to B Easy's, but Beasley was a better and more talented player than him even in college.

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