Rubio/Thabeet Haters: In The Defense of Both Players

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Rubio/Thabeet Haters: In The Defense of Both Players

Man yall the Rubio and Thabeet haters in and out of the league better hope they are right. Especially in Rubio's case, in which they have never even followed his career overseas! How insane is that! What's even crazier is the same people hyping Jennings for doing LESS against professional competition are down on Rubio, which shows bias on a ton of levels. Yes Jennings is more athletically gifted and I think will make a fine NBA player. But Rubio has the edge as a POINT GUARD. He does things with the basketball that Jennings or even most NBA all-stars will never do in their wet dreams. That's right. Rubio is better with the ball than at least 90% of established NBA superstars, let alone players. One more thing. Rubio is THE YOUNGEST player in the draft. His game has been improving for years and hasn't reached it's peak. As for Thabeet, I don't believe he is worthy of a #2 pick, but no one in this draft is besides Griffin and Rubio. That said, Thabeet is far from a stiff and the people comparing him to the some of the biggest bigman busts of all time are slightly less ridiculous than Rubio's detractors. One huge friggin factor is Thabeet near dominated in one of the country's toughest college conferences. Every one of his critics talk about the Pittsburgh game against Blair as the reason Thabeet will bust while ignoring all the other productive games in his career against top competition. That's laughable for a few reasons but here is the main one: name two players outside of Griffin that didn't have a bad game where their defiencies were exposed. Im begging, just name two. Thought so. I have heard no one claim Thabeet is anywhere close to the next Shaq, Kareem, Russell or even a current all-star starter. Thabeet's fans just believe that he will be a game changer on defense, and hopefully develop some better offensive game down the line. Oh yeah the "down the line" part comes from the fact that Thabeet has played basketball for less than 10 years. That's astonishing considering most human beings who play their whole lives don't come close to being the player Thabeet is now. Think about that. Oh yeah and Calhoun's star players don't bust. Look it up.

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thabeet has played ball for less than 5 years,

he will be a better scorer than Mutombo in his prime maybe like 15 a game and will always be a defensive force. and i Rubio's case he would be one of the top five point guards as soon as he suit's up in the NBA, cuz no one other than Steve Nash has the immaculate vision he does

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Sergio Rodriguez of course, he has the "immaculate vision" of Rubio. Trust me, he wont be a top 5 pg.

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