with Rubio hurt

With Rubio out for the year the timberwolves have two choices either to do nothing and probably lose a playoff spot or tbdh could aquire a point guard with an expiring conttact to tty to save them.

I believe a deal with the suns would be beneficial for both teams.

A trade of beasley, randolph, Wes Johnson, and ridnour or barea for Steve Nash and Shannon Brown.

Why this should happen. The suns do not have a future at the four. Markief Morris will probably be a 3rd bug man at best. Letting either Beasley or Randolph take over that guves them much more versatility. Also, Nash is leaving this summer probably so yiu should try to get something for him

This gives the wolves a prefect stopgap until Rubio is back. Keeps us in the playoffs.

Why it wont happen. It might not be enough for Nash. Plus the suns probably wont trade him unless he asks for one.

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I would look to trade Beasley, guy can put up numbers, but obviously he's not going to get the min's with Minny, might as well get some value for him, whatever it may be. I wouldn't worry about making a move dramaticly changing my roster to get into the playoffs this year to get bounced in rd 1. They need to look to get an outside scorer. Beal would be a great pick for them

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Nice framework of a deal, but

Nice framework of a deal, but I'm not sure that Phoenix would want Beasley in return. They seem like they'd be very picky about who they'd want to take back in a deal for Nash, but not sure If the T-Wolves would go after this, but considering they were ready to give up Beasley for a first round pick, this would be a much better option.

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If you're the T-Wolves, why

If you're the T-Wolves, why make a deal like this? They aren't winning a championship this year, so why trade three young guys for an old PG? They need to keep building for the future, not trade three young guys for someone who won't be part of their plans next year. Poor idea.

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There goes the Crawford deal...

Now that Rubio's out, and Barea is hurting, there's no way Minny makes the Ridnour for Crawford deal. I'd expect them to try and deal Beasley, Johnson, or Randolph; especially after Williams was an absolute beast against LA.

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None of thd players traded really in yhe future plans for the wolves so why not trade them. Plus Nash has an expiring deal so we wjll have space in the summer to get a player ljke Eric Gordon who will help us in the long run.

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The Wolves need to stay the course and try to win with the team as it's assembled. There is no way the Wolves would be able to trade for a point guard that's a difference maker. If it wasn't tough the Lakers would've found one by now.

What the Wolves need to do if Barea can't get healthy enough to back up Ridnour is to find a young D League guard and give him an opportunity.

At this point the Wolves are an up and coming team and would be foolish to cash-in any of their tradeable assets for a rental type player.

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What if the Wolves traded

What if the Wolves traded Beasely for Marshon Brooks?


The Nets want Beasely and the Wolves could get back a SG for their future that has the scoring touch. Plus Brooks can handle the ball. I think a good secondary pickup would be to pick up a Dleage PG like what PurpleMonkey said.. Maybe someone like Sherron Collins?

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I know Raymond Felton has

I know Raymond Felton has sucked this season, but as he proved in NY and in Denver, he thrives in a run and gun up tempo offense, which is exactly what the T-Wolves run. I could see a potential pairing there, and I believe he can go back to being a 15 and 8 guy under the right system and situation. He was averaging 17 and 9 in NY, although Linsanity explains it all. If I were Minny I'd try to get him for the right price.

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No reason for the wolves to

No reason for the wolves to panic. I was at the game today and really liked what I saw from malcom lee. In his short time in (nba debut i believe) he was playing outstanding defense.They still have a great young talented roster, there's no reason to scatter it around the league. They will still compete this year (ridnour is very capable) then be a year smarter, better and with luck healthier next year..

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With Rubio hurt Beasley,

With Rubio hurt Beasley, Wesley Johnson and Webster shot 2-15 against the Hornets at home nice job by those 3.

They need to make a deal for sure.

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