Rubio doesn't want DC/Wiz look at Curry

"Rubio is slated as a top five pick, but one of Ford's sources told him that he will not do workouts but could possibly visit Los Angeles, Oklahoma City and Sacramento. Notice anybody left off? Yeah, Memphis, which holds the No. 2 pick. The source told Ford that he doesn't want to play there after Pau Gasol and Juan Carlos Navarro had poor experiences.

Notice anybody else? Yeah, Washington. A league source informed me that Rubio's agent, Dan Fegan, has no interest in his client playing for the Wizards, even if they were able to move up in the draft. The source told me that Fegan cannot see Rubio and Arenas sharing the same backcourt, since both players need the basketball to be effective. If anybody would know, it'd be Fegan, who represented Arenas from 2002-2006."

So looks like the Rubio camp's power play extends to Washington as well. No matter. If there's one thing this draft is full of it's quality guards. Which brings us to....

"The NBA draft is less than three weeks away, and there are rumors about players sliding and rising, even though teams haven't had a chance to see most of these guys in individual workouts. Jonathan Givony of Draft Express is reporting that Arizona forward Jordan Hill could slip out of the top five and fall closer to No. 10, with the Wizards possibly leaning toward Davidson point guard Stephen Curry. The Wizards will start bringing in players for the fifth pick tomorrow. "

I wouldn't be opposed here. My brother and I had this big debate about Steph being able to help here. He doesn't think it's a fit. I on the other hand think Curry can flat out score the ball and Flip and Cassell could teach him the point position in Flip's new offense. If Gil can't quite be Gil then Steph could be a wise investment into the future and instant help off the bench today.

He's in love with New York and they are in love with him though. I don't know if New York could (or would even try to) get to four to leapfrog us. Maybe DC picks Curry with a deal with New York in mind. Not much on that roster I'd want outside of David Lee, I'm just not sure how much he would really help. And I'd be upset about giving up the the pick, regardless of who it is, AND players (which they'd have to do to make the salary work) for just David Lee. Maybe if NY would swap picks with us as well, but I'm not even sure about it then.

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if they can't get curry

They should trade the pick and find a way to pick T will he could help us out alot

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The wizards dont need Curry he wil be at Oklahoma or most likely Sacramento where he can hawk the ball !The wizards would be nasty with curry running the point.He tore schools up this year with his speed and bal handling.He dropped 40 points against OU!

Steph Curry > Ricky Rubio.Rubio is a scared dude.He wouldnt play Brandon Jennings when DK Joventus played Jennigs team Roma!

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Last season was the first

Last season was the first time in a decade that the Raptors averaged more boards than their opponents and they did it without a dominate rebounder on the team. Rebounding by committee, Ed Davis led the Raptors at 6.6 rebounds per game and Toronto finished the season with the league’s tenth best rebounding differential.

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Suns president of basketball

Suns president of basketball operations Lon Babby said the franchise had been gearing up for life without Nash for the past two years

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Scenarios complicate quickly.

Scenarios complicate quickly. The Cleveland Cavaliers have the right to swap first-rounders with the Los Angeles Lakers. Of course, the Cavaliers may have three firsts (Miami’s, Sacramento’s and their own). Cleveland can swap the lowest of the three if none of the protections are met.

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