Rubio and Love working out with Garnett

So if anyone else has been following the news during this lockout it looks like Garnett has been working out with the Minnesota boys. Reports are saying he has been encouraging Ricky Rubio to stick it out with Minnesota and talking up the club to him, as well as mentoring and working with Kevin Love

This is purely speculation and wishful thinking but assuming there is no season this year and the lockout continues Kevin Garnett is coming up as a free agent at the end of this would be season. From interviews and what not he sounds like he is happy to have his ring and is not expecting another and I think he realizes his years are limited. The Celtics need youth on their team and I do not believe KG will be playing there the 12-13 season. I don't see how it is viable for them to keep the Big Three.

Now again this is wishful thinking but I don't think it is absolutely out of the realm of possibility the KG would come back to Minnesota to retire. He loves Minnesota and he loves his fan base here, he is forming relationships with our players, he has his ring, and he has the opportunity to be a veteran and a mentor to a bunch young players who have the potential to be great but simply lack the leadership and guidance to become so.

Kevin Garnett is an emotional player and I believe loyalty and compassion are at the core of his character. For him to make it back to Sota ultimately it would have to be something that he sought out personally. He has to know that there are trade rumors about him floating around everywhere and I can honestly say he is more likely to retire than play for any other team aside from Boston or Minne. But as far as a return to Minne it would have to be something he pushes for. Whether it's a sign and trade or he simply goes free agent and returns to Minne with a large paycut it's a benefit to both teams. Boston opens up a large amounth of cap space for a very strong free agency class in 2012 and Minnesota gains a guy with the leadership skills to help develop and mentor our young talented team.

2012 free agents

The chances of this happening I know are slim to none but can you really blame me for dreaming?

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