Royce White released

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Royce White released

I thought he would at least hang on in the D league for one of the worst teams in the NBA. There must be something that they aren't saying right now because there has been nothing reported that sounded like he had a fallout. Most people have all of the talent but don't play up to expectations but White can't even make the court. Two teams and neither has let him on the floor during an NBA game. Does anyone out there think he will ever play in a meaningful game?

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I think his "talent" level is

I think his "talent" level is getting blown out of proportion. He could've been a quality NBA player, but he never even worked at it. He was often out of shape, couldn't shoot and lick, and was to busy posting selfie's on twitter, with the caption "Usually not into selfie's but....." #BEWELL

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I honestly think his career

I honestly think his career is over.... It's pretty bad when you can't make a team that's trying to tank. He's just simply not worth the drama,but for some reason he thinks differently. I feel bad for him and his condition but the way he handled it didn't help his case.

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What a waste of talent! That

What a waste of talent! That could have very likely been his last chance of playing in the NBA. Looks like his career is over without ever appearing in one regular season game. Only 22 years old how sad.

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Im gonna get some hate

Im gonna get some hate because of this but here is what i think:

He thought that by throwing his social disorder into the faces of America, he wouldn't have to deal with problems like all people have to. He thought that somehow, his problem was worse or somehow harder to deal with that others, and while to an extent he is correct, he made little to no effort to meet the NBA half way. Even when the Rockets made concessions for him, it wasn't enough. However, if he had spent his first year playing and finding a way to deal with his social anxiety, he would have adapted to his NBA lifestyle or at least found a way to keep playing and drawing a pay check. He had an opportunity to be a great example of how people can overcome disorders and forge ahead with their lives regardless if what they are dealing with. Now, he will make it harder for future players with anxiety disorders to get drafted and he will most likely become a punch line..

Could have been a leader in the battle to overcome social anxiety but now he is just going to be a statistic.

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Mhhhhhhh how he gonna take

Mhhhhhhh how he gonna take care of all them kids now?!

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I've never gone from feeling

I've never gone from feeling so sympathetic for a professional athlete to utter disdain. Wants everything handed to him on a platter. Good riddance.

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So where does he go from here?

So where does he go from here? The Sixers aren't exactly elite so getting released by them hurts his stock. The penny needs to drop for Royce, anxiety aside he's been out of shape, has children with multiple women and a domestic abuse case. As for his impact on the court, to be frank I haven't been blown away with what I've seen from him in the NBA despite being a big fan of his during his Iowa State days. At least he has more time to fight the good fight on twitter.

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He's an idiot. What a waste

He's an idiot. What a waste of talent. I'm here making $7/hour wishing I was in his spot. He'll regret all this time he's wasting. Hopefully it's not too late and he can make a comeback.

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