Royce White

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Royce White

Now Dwight coming is Royce gona play this year? What you guys think bout this guy?

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With or without Dwight, Royce

With or without Dwight, Royce white's chances of playing in a rockets uniform is slim to non. I'm still rooting for him to get it together, but it just seems like he shoots himself in the foot every time with his rants on twitter.

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Waste of talent.

Waste of a draft pick.

Waste of my time.

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Why cant they

Why cant they just make him play the home games, and teams close by instead of paying the dude for shit all and wasted the draft pick. That way he wouldnt have to fly any where and can take the bus to the in-state games

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Yeah he

Yeah he goes bad on twitter! Hope he has a somewhat career

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Well... Royce White was just traded to Philadelphia. Hopefully they will have more patience with him in their rebuilding efforts.

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Patience isn't the right

Patience isn't the right word. He needs a team to bend over backwards for him.

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traded to phila... maybe he'll be able to play all the east coast games (easier in this conference and division) ... or he'll be the next pro bowling player on a sixers uniform

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Royce White isn't

Royce White isn't cooperative. He's quick to blame Houston for all his problems and non sense all over Twitter. Then he goes and gloats about his skill that no one will ever get to see in the NBA because of his uncooperative nature.

"A lot of talk... "Cut Royce", "Trade Royce", only a few players with my skill set in the WHOLE league... everybody knows it. #RedNation"

"My time on the court is coming... there's only a handful of TRUE point guards at my size, try and list them. #ManHunt

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I dont feel like going to work this year

Hope he gets it figured out. This is probably his last chance.

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His career might very well be

His career might very well be over without playing one regular season game.

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Dare I say it? Royce White is

Dare I say it?

Royce White is a bigger drama queen than Dwight Howard...

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Hey he is going to Sixers. So

Hey he is going to Sixers. So it looks like he gets another chance. I'm happy for him. I hope he finds a way to deal with his mental issues while still not wasting his talent.

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If you read White's twitter

If you read White's twitter, think he's just some Internet troll pretending to be an NBA player then you'll be fine.


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