Roy hibbert hype

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Roy hibbert hype

There has been a lot of talk this season about Roy hibbert and how much he's improved. Especially when it comes to him playing the heat people act as though he's an all pro center. But to me he guy is just a decent big guy. I'm not saying this because the pacers are In a bad stretch but because this is what I see from him most of the time. How can he be so good against the heat but be so ordinary against the rest of the league? Am I the only one who feels this way?

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overrated. shots under 50% as

overrated. shots under 50% as a 7 footer. 6.9 RBG as a 7 footer..which is bad for sombody with his hype.

guy can block and alter shots,and gives the Heat major problems but other than that, is an average Center. jus not one of the top centers in the game like people say.

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Untapped Potential

I think he plays great defense and probably offers the best rim protection in the league. The advanced stat gurus will verify this.

It seems that he picks and chooses when he gives 100% effort offensively. I don't think many players can stop his post moves and hook shots, but there's times when he just doesn't work hard enough to get the ball down low. An example of this was when he decided to take Greg Oden to the meat-grinder against the heat.

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He protects the rim, and for

He protects the rim, and for whatever reason, he seems to get a decent amount of the 50/50 calls against LBJ.

I respect he's a good rim protector, but almost everytime LBJ goes to the rim, there are plays that any other big man would get called for 100 times out of 100 that Hibbert seems to be the beneficiary of.

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Finally someone agrees with me. I'm still attaching my head how he made the all star team averaging 11 and 7 and shooting 46% from the field at the time for someone who's 7'2 and plays close to the rim

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Ovverated because Heat

He seems to always get away with fouls when Lebron attacks the basket. I think the reason why his numbers are lower than what you would expect from a guy like him is because the players on his team are all good rebounders for their position. So it probably takes away from him. He should be shooting over 50% though, all his points come of post ups. He doesn't score in transition, doesn't crash offensive glass as much as you would expect either. I think he is at his ceiling, but he shoud be able to stick around and be consistent for awhile. He will never be the best center in the league.

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For whatever reason, he has regressed as a player. I remember his contract year, he was contending with DeAndre Jordan as the 2nd best center in the league. He had good numbers and actual post moves. I think that he is a good player, very good actually but I feel like he only steps up when his team needs to; ie against the Heat. Well, I can't say it isn't working as the Pacers dominate the league (well, not so much lately)

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I don't agree on that LBJ stuff

Roy Hibbert defensively is one of the best (if not the best) as far as rim protection... He never get called because he know when to attempt a block and when to go straight up... He's 7'2 with long arms... Going straight up will allow him to make it harder for LBJ to finish...

The rebounds?? I have no excuse for that, that's just horrible... But I think the Pacers as a team rebounds which isn't as bad as 7 rebounds sound...

Offensively the Pacers are in trouble because of Paul George's progress as a player... They don't go to Hibbert or West in the post much... Since PG24 has come down to earth they haven't been able to get back to what enabled them to be a great team last year, the post... I don't think he's overrated at all...

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Roy Hibbert provides shot

Roy Hibbert provides shot altering capability in my mind which his rebounding stats don't show up. Also I 'd throw in that he is only playing 30mpg where other guys play 36mpg plus so does this knock his stats down a bit.

I recall when he was a draft prospect he wasn't considered a great rebounder for his size statswise and his offensive rebounding isn't an obvious weak point to his game which you'd probably assume from someone widely seen as a defensive anchor.

Has anyone got breakdowns of how he does against a dominant rebounder such as D12 when they are on court together. I know that D12 would win a rebounding battle put I'm more into the +/- type stats which might show what Roy brings to the Pacers.

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