Rotnei Clarke

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Rotnei Clarke

Hey guys,
Does anybody know much about ex butler guard rotnei Clarke? He just signed as 1 of the import slots at my local team. I do remember him from butler but have not seen nearly enough to know what sort of pro he may be.

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A Wollongong fan huh? Anyway,

A Wollongong fan huh?

Anyway, Clarke is naturally a SG but seems to worked hard to improve his PG skills. Despite this he averaged under 3 assists in over 30 minutes so that be a worry. He looks like a pretty consistent shooter from his stats but I haven't seen enough of him actually playing to gouge how good his shot actually is. His highly acclaimed work ethic is a huge tick in his favour in my mind though, It'll be interesting to see him play against my Breakers. I think he'll certainly lead Wollongong in scoring and possibly even be top 5 in the league.

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He was a transfer from Arkansas where I remember watching him play and had one of the BEST shots I've ever seen. He is small, not very athletic, but pretty skilled and an INCREDIBLE shooter from deep from watching him play a few games, he just had a little difficulty getting his shot off at times due to lack of athleticism. Smart player though. You need an all around game to make it as a pro, not just a good shot cause that can be taken away by an average NBA defender if that is all you have going at that level.

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Rotnei is an unbelievable shooter. He took many high degree difficulty shots last year as Butler didnt have much scoring help but he can make anything and from any range. He may not be big enough to be an NBA 2guard but I bet he is going to drop at least 20 ppg in Australia.

- He is Oklahoma's alltime leading HS scorer with 3,758 points.

-He's 15th all-time in NCAA 3s made (389)

- Last year he averaged 16.9 pts and made 41% of his three point attemps.( Made 3.5 threes per game)

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