Rosters set for Thursday’s USA Basketball intra-squad showcase

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Rosters set for Thursday’s USA Basketball intra-squad showcase


46 Harrison Barnes

36 DeMarcus Cousins

42 Anthony Davis

41 DeMar DeRozan

37 Derrick Favors

31 Gordon Hayward

22 Damian Lillard

62 Greg Monroe

34 Klay Thompson

51 Dion Waiters

26 Kemba Walker

50 John Wall

Coach: Tom Thibodeau, Chicago Bulls


24 Ryan Anderson

20 Mike Conley

25 Andre Drummond

33 Kenneth Faried

29 Paul George

27 Jrue Holiday

23 Kyrie Irving

35 DeAndre Jordan

32 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

21 Ty Lawson

39 Chandler Parsons

38 Tyler Zeller

Coach: Monty Williams, New Orleans Pelicans

NBA TV will air what is officially called the 2013 USA Basketball Showcase Presented by Nike on Thursday, July 25, at 6 p.m. Pacific (I guess that means 9 pm EST).

So, who do you have?

I like the White's backcourt more, think the Blue may be a bit stronger in the front court, especially seeing how DeMarcus Cousins has played in these instances. Nonetheless, I will go with the team that has Kyrie Irving (who I hear has been absolutely killing it) and Paul George. Players at the training camp not in the scrimmage (which has 12 players per team)? Bradley Beal (injury?), Larry Sanders (same?), plus the college kids, Marcus Smart and Doug McDermott. So, for those jonesing for some basketball, this should be a cool little scrimmage tonight with some of the NBA's finest up and coming talent.

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Go Blue! DeMarcus Cousins and

Go Blue! DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis in your front court is unstoppable.

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Ya know most of the time guys

Ya know most of the time guys (and cynthia) on this site come up with these fantasy teams on their own but it's cool to see it be a real life occurance. Looking forward to watching but may have to put it on mute if Matt Wiener (?) and 3D aren't commenting on the actual scrimmage and talking about stupid ish like they have been.

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Starting Five for Team Blue

You had better get ready to log HEAVY minutes. That is the Thibs way.

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It will

It will be interesting to see Wall and Cousins play together again.

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Im looking at the roster

Lots of good talent. Question though, How many would you say have true Superstar potential -obviously the FIBA gameis much more team orientated but consdering this is the cream of the crop who would you peg as surefire or as close to possible with projections as a Future star- Real franchise center pieces.

I got :
Paul George
Brow Davis
Cousins - thats obviously a big IF but skill wise he makes it for me
John Max Wall

Strong consideration for - Irving(just want to see more two-way ability), maybe Monroe as he is so diverse even Drummond but hes miles away in many areas

Obviously there are other young guns who arent here that could be considered but they're not here are they lol.
just some food for thought

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Experience factor

Interesting lineups. I noticed the Blue Team seems to have the 4 oldest players.

Because I feel experience often counts in this type of setting and cos I'm a bit of geek, I worked out age and NBA years completed;

The Blue Team has a 37 total years NBA experience while the White Team has only 27. However the average for the Blue Team is 22.8 while the average for the White Team is exactly 22.

The White Team doesn't have anybody older than 23. [/geekdrivel]

I can't wait to see this, I hope it will be on youtube so I can watch it multiple times like the one with Rose, Mayo, Westbrook, Gordon, Durant and Gay etc

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Ryan Anderson is 25.

Ryan Anderson is 25.

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I think you must have

I think you must have switched up the Blue and White teams. The White team has Conley (25), Ryan Anderson (25), DeAndre Jordan (25) and Parsons (24).

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I obviously got the team names mixed up. Those guys are playing against all younger players.
That is the main reason I expected the WHITE team to win.

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Suprised to see Tyler Zeller

Suprised to see Tyler Zeller on the list.. he is sitting at 3rd on the depth chart for the Cavs...

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wall and irving

Watching John Wall guard Kyrie is going to be fun. Wall is a good defender but let's see if kyrie can light him up.

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to the OP, larry sanders

to the OP, larry sanders sprained his ankle in practice, which is why he wont be participating.

as for beal, i think he's being cautious from his leg injury last year, but im pretty sure he'll be there watching.

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I got White

I'm going to take the white team, generally these games are dominated through back court and wing scoring

Irving, Holiday, George, Lawson, and Parsons (Win)
Lillard, Wall, Thompson, Barnes, and Walker

Its also dominated through bigs on the glass

Faried, Drummond, Jordan, and Anderson
Cousins, Davis, Monroe, and Favors (Win)

Team USA also stretches the floor

Anderson, George, Irving, Parsons, and Conley (Win)
Barnes, Thompson, Hayward, Walker, and Waiters

White wins 2-1 so I pick white, it'll be close but they win in my opinion

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I don't see the appeal with

I don't see the appeal with tyler zeller

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Realistically Kyrie, A Davis,

Realistically Kyrie, A Davis, Paul George and 1 of the bigs will make the big team.

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