rose's greatness

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rose's greatness

"Don't use this victory or any other victory the Bulls have had without Rose this season to downplay Rose's importance to the team."

how about this indiana, you don't use rose's greatness to downplay the bulls....

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I thought last night was a

I thought last night was a great boost to supporting cast of the bulls, could get their confidence going high and help them player better come postseason. Also shows Miami still lacks focus at times. Seriously, if Miami puts their mind to it, they can run any team out of the gym.

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When exactly can we start

When exactly can we start saying the Bulls are a good team, even without Rose because of what they do defensively and the fact that they play great team-ball? I mean, first the excuse was they didn't beat good teams without Rose. They beat the Heat and we're not supposed to use that game as a stepping-stone towards that debate? How come?

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I'd lack focus too

If I had played the two top teams in the east in just two days. Lol i'm js...

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No one on here is saying they

No one on here is saying they aren't a good team without him, or that he 'carries' them like he did a couple of years ago. The core of this team has been together for awhile and have perfect chemistry together. Thibs has these guys playing 100% on every possession, they don't take a second off, especially on defense.

However, if you think they can win a title without Rose, you are crazy. Don't dis-credit how valuable he is to this team because they happen to be a very good team without him. He is part of the reason for that, they played with a chip on their shoulder last night, hearing from everyone that they had no shot of winning without him. Along with Thibs hard nose coaching, Rose's never say lose attitude is infectious to the rest of the team.

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