Rookie impact on Playoff Teams

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Rookie impact on Playoff Teams

In this years draft does anyone see a top pick that could have an impact on a team, like Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley that help get them to the playoffs. I would say the Washington Wizards have a solid chance at being in the playoffs next season if they draft right. I also believe that Minnesota could flirt with a playoff berth as well. Another question in 5 years what teams will be future playoff contenders? I feel for example Tim Duncan and the Spurs reign will decline, and dallas is starting to slide and the Suns are in a transition mode there needs to be new blood. I'm really high on the Timberwolves with all there young guys, I feel that Memphis with the core of talent have a future as well.

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I like the Thunder to be

I like the Thunder to be title contenders in the next five years the have a 3 solid young building blocks (Durant, Westbrook, Green) They just need some seasoning and a better supporting cast...

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Will make the playoffs no matter who they draft. If they draft well, they're top 4 in the east. Haywood is a very solid center, and obviously a healthy Gilbert Arenas is one of the better players in the league. Adding those 2 for a full season will add so much more talent and create a ton of depth. When healthy, this was a team that was 1st place in the East at the halfway point a couple seasons ago. Adding a Blake Griffin or Ricky Rubio would help greatly though.

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Should prob trade their pick for a player that can help them win a championship next year they have a good team so I don't get the record they are ready to win they don't need a top pick coming off the bench unless they get Harden at 3 but they have Nick young so who the hell knows they need a coach and if they don't get somewhere next year they need to blow that team up.

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The Thunder should be a

The Thunder should be a playoff team in the next few years. The Golden State Warriors can if they ever utilize their talent and also move players they can't use. They are the most talented team with a losing record. LAC is just about bad and they have legit big men and still can't do anything. They need a new coach and same for GSW. You should fire a coach who can not win with that much talent. There were a lot of coaches this year that were fired for less offenses.

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