Rookie Harrison Barnes to start at SF for Warriors?

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Rookie Harrison Barnes to start at SF for Warriors?

A few days into training camp, a couple of interesting storylines have intersected, resulting in a somewhat confusing outlook for the Warriors' starting small forward position. According to reports, Harrison Barnes has blown the doors off the gym, impressing everyone from coach Mark Jackson to his teammates with his performance. And although Jackson has admitted that Barnes' game looks terrific, he's not committing to starting the rookie at the 3 just yet.

In fact, Jackson seems to be leaning toward Brandon Rush, who he describes as a better fit. Jackson also indicated that even if Barnes continues to be the most impressive small forward option in camp, it won't necessarily earn him the starting nod. On the one hand, Jackson is showing some wisdom in prizing chemistry and fit over performance.

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If his scoring has translated

If his scoring has translated to the pros that well he mught be better served coming off the bench to be the first option of the second unit and get more touches. Can't wait to see Barnes finally in the NBA this season.

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