Ronnie Brewer to OKC

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Ronnie Brewer to OKC

for second round pick. Another good defender for OKC. Assume he'll play behind Sepholosha.

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Now that's a move I really

Now that's a move I really like! The first servicable backup 3 for KD since day one. I don't count Sefolosha as a 3. I was really high on Brewerr when he was with Utah and excited when he joined the Bulls. Had a rough time the last 2 years but I really like it for the Thunder! Will play 12 - 15 mins, is a food defender, rebounder and a strong guy.

Now the Maynor move to Portland makes much more sense to me.

I wish Eric nothing but the best in Portland, he will have a better time there backing up Lillard than backing up Westbrook who plays so many minutes!

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Isn't Ronnie Brewer a Thabo

Isn't Ronnie Brewer a Thabo clone with a worse shot?

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Pretty nuch, but now they can

Pretty nuch, but now they can have a top nitch defender on the court at ALL TIMES. Can't discount the importance of that come playoff time. Also can give KD a couple extra minutes of rest each night if necessary which can't hurt

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Ronnie's the more physical

Ronnie's the more physical defender, but he has lost a step. I don't know if he'll fit in with the Thunder like he didn't fit with the Knicks. Ronnie is a system player, which is why he was solid with the Bulls and Jazz. The Knicks and Thunder don't really have systems.

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To match up with the Heat if

To match up with the Heat if they both make the finals. If the Heat try to go small against OKC, the Thunder can play

Super athletic lineup that plays tough defense.

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