Rondo wants a trade - tells C's he will not re-sign with them after this season....

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Rondo wants a trade - tells C's he will not re-sign with them after this season....

Rondo not only said he wants out of Boston via trade now, he's firmly stated he will not resign with the Celtics after this season even for a max deal. The one team (on paper at least) that has serious interest and the assets to get him (Sacramento) Rondo states he will refuse any contract from them as well, even the max.

Where does that leave Boston and Ainge? - totally screwed... My initial thoughts are Rondo would be a great fit in Indy, Miami, and Houston, however none of those teams has anything close to what Rondo's worth especially Indy after the Paul G injury - no George Hill I wouldn't think gets the deal done. I suspect Ainge will wait until the deadline right before he makes a Sam Presti like move (a la Harden) and take the highest bidder if he can't get fair value for him now. I can't see he letting him walk for nothing.

The Knicks and Lakers also certainly would have interest, but they're devoid of assets other than future picks and each team is alredy down a future number 1.

Could a swap to Phoenix for Bledsoe in a sign and trade (and other assets) land Rondo with the Suns, a team whose future looks very bright and on the way to the playoffs? Could Mini work a sign and trade for Rubio plus other assets to get Rondo? Food for thought...

It doesn't seem like there are many suitors out there that have the assets and cap space to land Rondo this year other than Phoenix and Mini. Who knows, maybe he'll refuse to sign with any of them and be well on his way to New York or LA. Any thoughts?

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Knicks will get it done...

Knicks will get it done... Shumpert and Hardway for Rondo.. If not I see Houston or Lakers getting involved

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i like that knicks trade

i like that knicks trade taylor gang mike mentioned..but i doubt the knicks let hardaway & shumpert go for a player who hasnt been 100% recently....

the hawks should make a move for him...looking at their current roster i see them to continue to toil in neutral like they've done since joe johnson was with them..good enuff to make the playoffs,but not good enuff to be considered a serious contender...

i think he wants to go to a contender,but most of those teams assets are limited.....

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Kings have shown interest in

Kings have shown interest in the past and will definitely be in the running for rondo. Other teams include Knicks, Lakers, rockets among others.

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Sounds like beat writer speaking her opinion

He is going to get on the court and show he is 100%. He will earn him a big deal from Boston wich I bet he excepts because winning out west is slim. If not he plays himself into a even more valuable trade peice for the deadline. If he gets traded it will be a good deal or it wont get done. He stayed in Boston training this off season more than ever before. He seems content with seeing what he can do with this roster. Asking for a trade is not his style he is more like KG than Love. Knicks have no future pics and Shumpert n is a bum. Hardaway after they just signed Bradley drafted Young too does not make sense. His best shot is in the East to win in general.

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well, rondo's reps denied the

well, rondo's reps denied the story. but in all honestly, you would expect them to as well. saw this on hoopshype. heres their source:

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Maybe to late for Houston

Wish Rondo would have made this known earlier. Houston could definitely use his playmaking and passing ability to help run their offense. But after this free agent period im not sure they have enough young players or assets to offer. Maybe some combination of Beverly, Jones, Cannon, Motiejunas, picks and trade exception. Not very likely in my opinion.

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When Ainge drafted Marcus

When Ainge drafted Marcus Smart, I think it showed which way the Celtics were looking to go and with Cleveland having put a new big 3 together, I expect that Rondo might have hoped the Celtics would have tried something similar.

The Celtics have got picks due from Brooklyn and one from the Cavs so Ainge is building assets up so is probably prepared to move Rondo now.

The Lakers would seem a good fit but and the salary could be balanced by them sending Nash back as part of the deal - Nash to mentor Smart would be a good idea. But any deal would mean the Celtics demanding Randle straight off and the Lakers would not be able to send a first rounder until about 2019 I think.

The Knicks do have a nice trading piece in STAT's expiring deal especially in Ainge said any Rondo trade had to include Crash Wallace, those salaries balance right off so the Celtics save $10 million straight off for next season. If Ainge did look to do a complete dump he could throw in Jeff Green to get his $9.2 million player option off the books and take back Bargnani's expirng deal too. He'd probably send Bass or Joel Anthony to NY too with NY sending Shumpert back as a sweetner.

This would clear the Celtics cap for 2015 and it would depend on what moves Phil Jackson thinks he can make next summer, if he doesn't see a big FA signing he could sign off this type of deal as both Crash and Green expire in 2016 and Green would give Melo and Rondo a solid 3rd man running mate.

Houston is a good fit and have young players like Capella, Motiejunas etc plus own all their picks going forward so could send a good package to Boston.

One scenario I'll throw out is could some sort of 3 team deal involving Greg Monroe come up, I don't see Rondo going to Detroit as they have Jennings although he'd be an immediate upgrade. It would depend on whether Ainge liked Monroe and if Monroe would sign in Boston. It would need a 3rd team to take Rondo and to send at least a pick to both teams.

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I like your take on the

I like your take on the different options for Rondo, however, for some reason I think a player who accepts the 5th year 'qualifying offer' isn't able to be traded (Monroe) per NBA contractual rules. I could be wrong, however, I recall reading that some time ago that a player who takes the 'qualifying offer' can't be traded or can refuse the trade.. In addition, it's highly unusual for any player to take the 5th year offer or their rookie deal then become an UFA, so we rarely see it The NBA has changed so much - a throwback mega talented big like Monroe doesn't get a reasonable offer sheet as a restricted FA whom Detroit probably wouldn't match. This is very telling how modern GMs build teams. Wings like Parsons and Hayward get max deals and are obviously higher priorities, not to mention there,was a ton of FA cap dollars to be spent this off-season. If anyone knows please let us know if Monroe can be traded.

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I would love to see Rondo and Bledsoe swapped. I really don't think Bledsoe was just a flash in the pan, I think he's the real deal.

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I don't think Rondo would be

I don't think Rondo would be a great fit in NY with them running the triangle.

I think the best fits would be the Rockets, Suns, Hawks and the Lakers.

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Send him to Milwaukee for o.j

Send him to Milwaukee for o.j mayo and Larry sanders

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I hope the Lakers don't do

I hope the Lakers don't do something stupid, like trade Randle and Lin for Rondo. Especially right before he is going to be demanding max money.

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The teams I could see wanting him where he may actually re-sign are (no particular order)

1. Detroit - He could do some great things with Drummond and Smith is a good mate of his. Detroit has done a good job of finding shooters at SG and SF, but a few more wouldn't hurt either. Monroe might be the likely target.

2. Houston - They need a PG and Rondo will be playing with some great talent in Harden and Howard, the only question is what could Houston offer. They could offer a pick, but they don't need any more PF's which is whereHouston has young talent.

3. Indiana -Yes the Pacers will struggle for the year without PG, but Rondo can make a decision whether to re-sign based on how PG comes along. If healthy Indiana would have Rondo, Hill, George and West, which would be a solid line-up. I would have Hibbert moving, he is only 27 (Rondo is 27) and Boston could do with a defensive C next to Olynyk/Sullinger.

4. New York - This may be the ideal location for Rondo, he can play along side Carmelo. I would offer Amare expiring contract, 1st rounder maybe Shumpert. NY could take back Wallace's contract as well in order to hold onto Hardaway, I cant help but feel Ainge would ask for him.

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It seems like Boston may end

It seems like Boston may end up with the short end of the stick in this situation, regardless of whether or not Danny Ainge is able to trade Rondo or not. Trading him will be tough because there aren't many teams willing to give up young assets for Rondo, unless acquiring him will immediately put them in contention. And teams in the "one player away from contention" category usually don't have enough/quality assets to acquire a player of Rondo's caliber. If Rondo walks, they obviously lose him for nothing.

I see the Knicks as a good fit for him, even in the triangle offense. During his time with the Big 3 in Boston, they slowed down and played in the half court a great deal and Rondo was very successful doing so. The only way I see Ainge trading him there is if they basically say take any player/asset you want. The Knicks best asset is Tim Hardaway Jr., and if the Knicks can hold on to him and then just sign Rondo in the offseason, that may be the more attractive option for them.

As IndianaBasketball mentioned, the Hawks and Lakers would be good fits as well. I can't see him wanting to sign with the Lakers, unless Kobe really comes back strong and Julius Randle is contending for ROY. Atlanta seems to be the next most attractive option in terms of pure basketball talent on the roster and top of the line coaching. Would Rondo sign a max deal there, though?

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Maybe OKC, Rondo and J

Maybe OKC, Rondo and J Anthony for K Perkins, P Jones, R Jackson and a future pick or two. Celtics get some young assets and old Perkins and his expiring contract, the Thunder can move Adams into the starting center spot and Westbrook can play point guard and shooting guard.

The Knicks might be the favorite as they have expring contracts. Stoudemire plus Hardaway and Larkin to Boston for Rondo, Wallace, Bass and J Anthony.

Sacramento is the best fit, the Kings get Rondo and the Celtics get Stauskas a future pick and a few players to make it work for salaries, like D Williams.

Lin and Randle for Rondo could work too, it would be the first time that Kobe had a passing point guard and not a shooting one which would take the ball out of his hands, not that Nash wasn't a passer but he could also spread the floor with his outside shot.

It must have been a case of the writing on the wall, keeping Bradley with a huge contract and drafting Smart and signing Turner was a way of telling Rondo that his replacements are already there.

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I think Sacramento would be

I think Sacramento would be the team that would want him the most. They can't give up Staukus though. Rondo and Rudy Gay can take it to the rack and open it up for someone like Staukus. They'd have to trade McLemore, Derek Williams, and a 1st Rounder. I'm not even sure if that's enough. Moreover, Derek Williams would give Boston their millionth PF.

The Phoenix Bledsoe swap would be the easiest move. But the Celtics would either have him for a year and he'd leave their non-playoff team for a playoff team. He's not going to sign with a developing team if he won't sign with the Suns (though that could be just a $ thing).

Houston could use him, but they need everybody they've got on the court now. Their roster has thined out. If they trade Jones or Montejunas or whoever, there's nobody to replace them. Also, Harden wants the ball in his hands at all times. Jeremy Lin was barely a PG last year with the way Harden handled the ball so much. Rondo wouldn't enjoy that.

I'm sure Ainge will pull off something amazing that none of us have thought of, but he's not in a very good position.

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Serious question...assuming

Serious question...assuming Rondo comes back and is 80ish percent of what he was...where does he rank as a PG right now?

I don't think he's even in the top 10. I don't think hes as good as a lot of people think. I do think he would help teams like the Knicks, Rockets, and maybe the Hawks.

I don't think Rondo would be a great fit with NY, but its not because he cant shoot. He doesn't pass the ball quick enough. He is a ball stopper who will only feed guys on highlight reel passes and if the triangle is going to work, the ball has to move...unless you have Kobe or Jordan.

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Gerald Wallace

The big question is do Celtics package Wallace with Rondo and potentially reduce their return?

I can see Knicks being a trade partner, with Amare's 23 mil contract coming off the books. Plus he can play some centre standing at 6'10".

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Let's all remember folks.

Let's all remember folks. Danny Ainge will only make a trade if his team are the CLEAR winners of said trade. He gets the best assets from other teams.

And if I were him I would try to go 3 ways and this is the only way the Celtics could even get close to equal value for Rondo.

1. Sign and trade for Eric Bledsoe. The Celtics would get a star talent in a frustrated and motivated Bledsoe. This is best case scenario.

2. Con Phil and the Knicks into getting Shumpert, Hardaway Jr. and at least one first round pick. After all this is the KNICKS were talking about.

3. Keep Rondo outright and convince him to re-up for a long term deal. This is also a viable option.

If I'm Ainge I'm aiming for one of these scenarios.

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Eric Bledsoe would be a nice

Eric Bledsoe would be a nice addition for the Clippers but would he be a bit too similar to Avery Bradley I wonder.

Also a lot would depend on where Rondo would want to play in 2015-16, a team would not give up a ton to get him if they think he will walk away next summer as an FA. So it might be in both Boston and Rondo's interests for them to sit down and see who his prefered destinations would be and whether they are in the running to trade for him. If Rondo gives a firm promise he'd likely resign with that team then Ainge can probably get a better asking price and it gets Rondo to a team of choice.

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