Rondo or Westrbrook

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Rondo or Westrbrook

It's been said that when the Sonics(RIP) traded Ray to Boston the GM tried to get them to include Rondo as part of the deal...That being said, would you rather have Rondo or Westbrook running this OKC team?

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Dang good question!

That's a really tough call. I like both a lot. I don't think you can go wrong with either. Rondo has played in bigger games, and proven that he can play great in those games, but Westbrook is amazing. Man, good question. Great question.

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I totally agree with the27guy

I totally agree with the27guy that this is a good question. I love both and you can't go wrong either way but if Rondo had 19 assists and 18 rebounds in the PLAYOFFS agaists a very good Cavs team, I'll slightly take him over Westbrook who is also a very good player. But like I said, you can't go wrong either way.

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id rather have rondo now he

id rather have rondo now he is more polished but in a few years that might change

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I'd take Rondo by virtue of experience.

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If it was about their game I would take Rondo but as far as attitude goes, I'd take Westbrook, since he's not having any problems beeing the second fidle to Durant.
My guess is that Rondo probably would cause chemistry problems in such a young team.

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