Rondo gets paid

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Rondo gets paid


Rondo Gets His Deal: After spending much of the pre-game last night talking about how rare it was for players to stay with one team, Rajon Rondo seemed like he was destined for restricted free agency this coming summer.

While Rondo was on the floor facing off against Chris Paul and the Hornets, his agent reached a verbal agreement on a 5–year $55 million contract extension that will keep Rondo in a Celtic jersey for the foreseeable future and off the restricted free agent market next summer.

"As much as we were willing to wait his contract out, the Celtics stepped up to the plate to meet the original request," Rondo's agent Bill Duffy said to Marc J Spear of Yahoo!. "This is a really fair contract. We wanted him to be paid like one of the top five point guards around. It also allows the Celtics to maintain continuity to continue to be one of the best teams at this time."

Rondo who was the 21st overall selection in 2006, and was traded to Boston from the Phoenix Suns on draft day will now be locked up through 2015 at just at $11 million per season.

"This is unbelievable for a kid that was taken far down in the draft," Duffy said of the deal. "But we've said that it's not where you're drafted, but where you are selected. He ended up being in the perfect situation."

The Celtics had been openly critical of Rondos maturity and professionalism this summer, and even entertained trade talks with other teams. It was during those talks that the Celtics came to realize Rondo's league wide value prompting them to make a deal. The belief in Boston was if Rondo hit the open market next summer; there could be teams willing to offer more than $11 million to lure Rondo away from the Celtics.

With a deal now complete and awaiting league approval, Duff says Rondo and the Celtics are absolutely on the same page now, its amazing what $55 million can do in establishing trust.

"The relationship between Rajon and the Celtics is on the highest level on and off the court," Duffy said. "It's a strong bond right now. Any concerns they had relative to this approach are no longer."

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I knew they'd get this deal

I knew they'd get this deal done. They would've been stupid not to because some team would've through a lot of cash at Rondo next summer. Plus Rondo is showing that he's close to being an elite point guard. I posted that he was worth $55 million after considering what the other players from his draft class got paid.

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Good. He's worth evry penny.

Good. He's worth every penny. Great job from the Celtics.

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how are the 76ers gonna tear

how are the 76ers gonna tear up Rondo?

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