Rodney Stuckey

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Rodney Stuckey

Just wanted to point out that Rodney Stuckey has started the year 1-23 shooting... that is all

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I just looked it up lol damn

I just looked it up lol damn he really has tho.

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Never been a big fan of

Never been a big fan of Stuckey and I fear that Dion Waiters is Stuckey 2.0. I hope that I'm wrong.

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I really wanna know what Dion

I really wanna know what Dion Waiters did to become public enemy number 1 on this site. Poor dude gets bashed in every second thread. He's had a solid start to the year, leave the poor man alone!

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Poor Dion

They hate on Dion because he wasnt the 'media' choice. I think alot guys just want do what ESPN says, we already establihed that there wasnt much seperation between the top 2 guards The pick also messed up alot of mocks,lol. Like Waiters Stuckey was once considered to be 'Wade- Like', maybe that label is a curse

Never liked Stuckey by the way but always thought he was/could be decent. His trade value is plumeting to.

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Could it be that he isn't

Could it be that he isn't 100% since getting hurt in the preseason? We all know he gets his points off of slashing to the basket he may have lost a little explosiveness

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He is just in a bad slump,

He is just in a bad slump, some of the shots he is missing are easy layups that could be made in a mens league basketball game, he needs to just keep shooting and being him to get out of the slump

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actually he is dealing with

actually he is dealing with migraines all week. he is suppose to get that checked out soon though so i dont really know why they let him play through it because it obviously hasn't helped the team at all. i know this because i have him on my fantasy team and he is sucking balls for me.

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Ahhh... the joys of the early

Ahhh... the joys of the early portion of the NBA season. I think the funniest was when Jacque Vaughn started the season with such a massive 0-whatever that Barkley brought a Bible the TNT show to pray for him.

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