Rockets rookie Royce White slated to return to D-League team after leaving it without permission

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Rockets rookie Royce White slated to return to D-League team after leaving it without permission

After leaving the NBA's Development League Rio Grande Valley Vipers without permission last week, Houston Rockets first-round pick Royce White will return to the team, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Royce White has had an up-and-down tenure with the Rockets' organization. (Getty Images)

White, who has an anxiety disorder, announced a team doctor told him it would be healthier to leave the Vipers and begin preparing for next season, but multiple sources told Yahoo! Sports that no organizational permission had been granted to White.
At the risk of earning his second suspension without pay this season, White planned to be in uniform for the Vipers game Tuesday night against Tulsa.
The No. 16 overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft, White has clashed with the Rockets over his inability to constantly make himself available for practices, workouts and team commitments. After a three-week suspension in January, White finally agreed to the team's plan to send him to the D-League. Despite weighing nearly 300 pounds, White averaged 9.6 points and 5.6 rebounds in 12 games for Rio Grande.
Part of White's anxiety disorder centers on plane travel, and White had taken two long bus trips as part of Rio Grande's road schedule.

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I think Royce White has had

I think Royce White has had more threads started about him than all of the other rookies put together

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Well, I think this is first

Well, I think this is first and last season. No team will be willing to take a chance on him after this year. So this is kinda like his 15 minutes of semi fame.

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"Royce White has had an

"Royce White has had an up-and-down tenure with the Rockets' organization."

I can't think of one single up he has had.

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Royce White has made no

Royce White has made no effort to find any solution or overcome any of these problems, for contrast here in Europe, there is a Spanish soccer player Jesus Navas who suffers severe anxiety and many of the problems associated with it, he is considered a hero in Europe for how he deals with his problems every day and has reached the pinnacle of his sport (the article below goes into more detail about Navas for those interested), I think this shows a good contrast between someone who is determined to make the best of his career and White who has got fat, done nothing people have told him and just complained on twitter.

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I didn´t know about Navas'

I didn´t know about Navas' issues. I think he's a fantastic player because he always seems to put a lot of heart on the game...

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Its obvious Royce doesn't

Its obvious Royce doesn't want to be with the Vipers at the moment and he's looking for a way out. It appears he tried to manipulate the situation via doctors approval (which he insisted on as part of his contract) to be able to take paid leave. Who didn't see that one coming?

I wonder if part of his anxiety now has to do with his horrible fitness level? Its pretty hard to turn that around by getting workouts in on a bus while your travel the country. One ride was 32 hours round trip.

Everything that could be said, has been said by now. The bottom line is no matter what side of the coin you fall on, IE your a Royce White supporter/sympathizer or you feel he should suck it up (as I do), I'm willing to bet there's not a single poster using this site who feels they would handle the situation like Royce has.

If you believe the stats, there's got to be quite a few users on this site with anxiety and likely a few with severe anxiety. Would any of these users be as unreasonable, stubborn, uncommited, wreckless, selffish and preachy as Royce has been? Would anyone else do this stuff and still think they're right? All of this and Royce had to lie his way into this postion during the predraft process. He changes his mind often and flip flops on arguements with his logic and reasoning. How can you help someone who is not interested in helping themselves?

Royce believes his way is the only way that will work and although he wants doctors around, he doesn't actually want to listen to any of them. He wants their protection. A sympathetic ear that will help him justify doing as he pleases. He wants to do his own thing, his own way. He wants to keep the status quo and manage his illness in a manner with which he is comfortable. He has no interest in leaving his comfort zone to improve his condition... only manage it.

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A common thing with anxiety

A common thing with anxiety is being sick. eg. throwing up or feeling sick or uneasy in the stomach, sort of like butterflies in the stomach but much, much worse. With this there is no way you can stomach food.

I just cannot see how he could weigh 300lbs if he is suffering with anxiety.

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I thought that it was very strange

I thought that it was very strange when the Vipers issued a "no comment" statement following Royce's departure. I was hoping that it was a communication breakdown but after reading this, White is turning into a black ball that GMs will look to avoid. Prior to the draft, White said in an interview conducted by a WELL-KNOWN DRAFT WEBSITE that flying with his team-mates and coaches would make it easier and pointed out the difference between flying solo and with a group of people. Not to mention the protocol that he's very vague about, loved his game at Iowa State but he's not helping himself here. When you consider in the "hockumentary" how grateful he was that the Rockets took a chance on him and seeing how he's repaying them makes me question his character.

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What kind of miscommunication

What kind of miscommunication makes a guy leave one team for another? Hundreds of players have gone to the D League and none of them accidentally left for the NBA...NONE! This guy's anxiety disorder is turning into a real nuisance and I keep thinking that he's never going to see the floor during a real NBA game because he just can't handle the idea of success.

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Bottom Line

He is not willing to do the work. The work to overcome a condition or the work to earn playing time on a professional team. He wants to be handed everything on a silver platter. He is delusional, it is like he expected a starting gig and to be pampered like an all-star.

The only reason I feel sorry is for his Iowa State fans that he is disappointing. Also, he is wasted talent. A strong tweener with point forward game that will never be anything but a blip on the basketball screen.

After losing Camby and trading Dalembert, I really thought the Rockets were going to take Zeller as a backup C. I was pretty shocked the Rockets grabbed ANOTHER PF.

BOTTOM LINE - Royce needs a mentor worse than DeMarcus Cousins.

I don't plan on watching him play in the NBA at any point.

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Not even the best basketball

Not even the best basketball player could get away with the crap Royce White has pulled this season. He doesn't show up for training camp for weeks because he's come up with demands he wants met, he stops coming to games, practice, and the team therapist because he feels the teams been dishonest about helping him, he refuses to go to a d league assignment multiple times, he leaves the d league without permission when he finally goes, and let's not forget he's bashed the team and league publicly multiple times.

I have to think if I have a mental disorder that Royce White has made it much tougher for me to be a pro in any team sport. He's made the team bend over backwards to accommodate him and all he's given them so far is grief and negative publicity. I didn't understand before the draft why White could slip to the second round but its all too clear now. White would need to do a 180 in attitude and passing blame for him not to be remembered as the reason players with mental disorders only get drafted in the second round at the earliest.

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Wow somebody found a pic of him in a Rocket unifome???

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The funny things is, I think

The funny things is, I think the Rockets are more then willing to accommodate Royce. If he has to miss a few practices and games, I think they knew that drafting him. Nobody could have predicted how much of a head case he really is. He sounds like because he was diagnosed with mental illness that he should be given everything he wants. All the Rockets need to do by law is make "reasonable" accommodations. Royce isn't being reasonable. He is really screwing it up for other players in the future with his problem. Now, to help draft stocks, guys won't be coming out with their mental problems. They will conceal it and that is a problem. He thinks he is helping the cause when he has done nothing but kill it. I would just cut him. I know he has guaranteed money but I would just cut him and be done with it. I think everyone would understand and support the Rockets who are a class organization.

Also, I think most people are fed up with Royce because he has the talent. I would take his mental illness on a heartbeat if I could take his talent and height. When it comes down to it, he just doesn't love the game enough. That is why this has happened.

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