Robert Sarver is so cheap.....

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Robert Sarver is so cheap.....

"Well, a second source indicated it wasn't as simple as a money grab by Kerr. He wanted more money for the coaching staff, video crew, front-office secretaries -- all the people who helped produce this unexpected trip to the conference finals that yielded more than $10 million in extra revenue from eight home playoff games. Except when Kerr went to bat with Sarver, "The guy just bludgeoned Steve," the second source said. "

So Kerr's out. Stoudemire's next.

"Amare's done," according to the source. "He's gone."

That will be the final breakdown of the team that won 62 games in 2004-05 while ushering in a new era of scoreboard-straining ball. It started when Shawn Marion was the featured piece in a trade for Shaquille O'Neal in 2008 and continued when Mike D'Antoni left after a first-round loss to the Spurs in the playoffs that season.

They're trying to lay the Shaq trade on Steve," the source said. "He had about 10 percent to do with that." The source said Sarver and D'Antoni were primarily responsible.

And Kerr did find someone willing to take O'Neal's contract off Phoenix's hands last year when the Suns traded him to Cleveland for Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic, both of whom were bought out for a net savings of $4.5 million for Phoenix.

Kerr did make the mistake of bringing in coach Terry Porter in an attempt to make the Suns more defensive-minded after D'Antoni was gone. That lasted only half a season before Porter was fired and Alvin Gentry took over as head coach. Gentry did well enough to be kept on full-time -- at one of the lowest annual salaries in the league ($1.7 million). One thing working against Kerr was the fact the Suns were still obligated to pay Porter $2.5 million per year for this season and next. Sarver wasn't happy about that (I can only imagine how it makes Gentry feel to make less than a guy doing nothing for the team).

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iv always been a huge suns

iv always been a huge suns fan simply because of steve nash but sarver is a sorry owner. he has sold some great draft picks and has always been cheap

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