Robbie Hummel

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Robbie Hummel

He didn't score, but I have to give props to Robbie Hummel. After everything he went through at Purdue, the fact that he made it on the floor in an NBA game is pretty cool. Who knows what kind of impact he will make, but that had to be pretty satisfying when he pulled off his sweats.

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Coach Adelman when asked about how Hummel made the team talked about how Hummel was always in the right place on defense, and hit his shots in practice. It doesn't hurt that the Wolve's were looking for wing depth, and someone who could hit the three.

Hummel probably will just get garbage minutes unless there are injuries. He is currently behind Cory Brewer and Derrick Williams at the 3, and Cunningham can play some 3 in a pinch as well.

But, yeah, it is nice to see a good guy who had the misfortune of having two serious knee injuries get a chance to play in the league.

Both Brewer and Williams looked really solid last night, and Brewer played really well against Orlando as well.

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