Rob Ryan: Rex Ryan is full of it

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Rob Ryan: Rex Ryan is full of it

In Rob Ryan's world, there's still no crying in football -- only Lifetime movies. The Cowboys defensive coordinator wasn't happy with twin brother Rex yesterday for claiming Rob Ryan had cried tears this week over a season-ending injury to Pro Bowl linebacker Sean Lee, insisting the Jets coach was "full of [expletive]." "I wasn't crying actual tears," Ryan said after opening his weekly press conference by jokingly wiping his eyes with a rag. "I save that for the movies I watch with my wife on Lifetime.

You guys ever watch Lifetime? Geez, God almighty -- don't. Trust me." Rob Ryan was even more exasperated with his brother for the crying accusation after the TV cameras went elsewhere and he was walking off with a smaller group of reporters. "The son of a [gun] lied about that [expletive]," Ryan said. "Those writers [in New York] are right -- he is full of [expletive]." Rob said Rex was mistaken about what he heard during their phone conversation after the extent of Lee's injury was discovered. "He's beautiful, [and] was I [complaining] to him? Sure. I mean, we've had so many damn injuries, of course I was [complaining] to my twin brother," Ryan said.

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