Rob Gray Suspension

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Rob Gray Suspension

So I read today that Houston’s Rob Gray, one of the nations best returning scorers, has been suspended for the season opener because he took part in a church rec league game. Rules are rules, and if that is indeed in the corrupt NCAA rule book so be it. My question for all you guys is this... I saw Marvin Bagley going up against high level, even all star NBA talent in the Drew League this summer. How is he eligible to play day one this year, but Gray was forced to sit?

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So they're not supposed to

So they're not supposed to play any basketball outside of their team? Wth kind of rule is that? The NCAA seriously needs to get taken down in some way, they're insane

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I'm taking it that Gray

I'm taking it that Gray particpated in the church league game during the season. While Bagley participated in the Drew League during the off-season (summer league). The NCAA doesn't like it when players are playing in other leagues besides the NCAA during season.

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