RIP Korvotney Barber

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RIP Korvotney Barber

Weirdly, I was thinking about him 2 days ago randomly remembering his unique name, plus junkyard dog type of game, as he was a willing banger and athletic undersized power forward...This is just unfortunate, 26 is really young and he had kids too.

What do you remember about him? I never really watched him play but I remember him being a potential draft pick a few years ago

Anyways RIP to a young person taken too soon

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I remember him falling in

I remember him falling in love with Auburn on his first visit and said that he wouldn't go to any other team. I also remdmbering him dominate Alabama during hos college career. RIP man! War Eagle!!!!

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I only remember him because

I only remember him because he was a McDonald's All-American

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Class of 2005

Class of 2005 and signed with Auburn.

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