Rip Hamilton vs Joe Johsnon

Career stats

Johnson - 17.7 pts, 4.2 reb, 4.5 assists. 44.3% fg, 36.6% 3pt, 79.3% ft

Hamilton - 17.7 pts, 3.2 reb, 3.5 assists. 45% fg, 34.6% 3pt, 85.2 ft

Now if you consider Rip played in a stacked pistons team that went to the conference finals 6 times. If you put Rip with the hawks his numbers would of increased and if JJ had played for the pistons his numbers would obviously be down....

Also as the Hawks had no true star at PG Johnson gets alot more of the ball in his hand, where as Rip had Chauncey so his assists are down... He actually averaged 4.4 assists in the 2 seasons Chauncey had left...

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Ummm No

Rip is an off the ball come of screens catch and shoot player

Joe is a give me the ball Ima size my man up use my smooth ass crossover and knock this 3 down in ya face player, remember Joes stats when he played in PHX it got him a big deal from Atlanta a few years back

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JJ plays on a very stacked

JJ plays on a very stacked team as well. Always has...Look the difference is Hamilton is a mechanics type of player he feeds off of set plays, through screens, and cuts, while JJ is an iso type of a player. Hamiltons stats remain so consistant because he plays a role and plays it well. It is hard to appreciate Hamiltons consistancy when he is not on a winning team.

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Joe Johnson managed to turn

Joe Johnson managed to turn an above average perforance in PHX into 2 max contracts from the Hawks. He's a very nice player that any team would like to have but he's not clutch, he's not a star and he can't carry a team on his back. He is a second or third option player (on a championship contender) who has managed to take advantage of a Hawks team who twice couldn't afford to lose him for nothing, so they overpaid to keep him instead. He's the SG version of Rashard lewis.

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the better player now is

the better player now is easily johnson without a doubt

u cant argue that

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Rip is pretty solid, I have a

Rip is pretty solid, I have a lot of respect for him, but after the way he acted this year I cant put him over Joe Johnson. Granted Rip is more of a role player, but he through his temper tantrums and there were plenty of times he could have played a lot harder and helped out a team that is desperate for a leader right now. Put Joe Johnson on this Pistons team and I bet his numbers over the passed year look way better then Rips do.

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Tim Duncan, San Antonio

Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs: Only 23 players in NBA history has reached the milestone, but like Allen and Pierce, Duncan should also gain access to the 23,000 point club at some point this season, needing just 442 to get there.

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