with the right offseason and draft, Can the Thunder be a playoff team?

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with the right offseason and draft, Can the Thunder be a playoff team?

Could this work?

First, cut Earl Wason, Chucky Atkins, and Damian Wilkins, that frees up about $12.54 million in cap space, bringing their cap room from $15.97 million to $28.51 million. Then, sign PF Chris Anderson (shotblocker), SF Matt Barnes ( 3pt shooter, defender, and depth), SG Von Wafer (3pt shooter and depth), PG Ronald Murry (consistant scorer), and C Radoslav Nesterovic (great tall, low-post scorer and veteran), bringing their cap room to $16.303 million. After that, in the draft, the Thunder could draft James Harden with their third pick (athletic, 3pt shooter, can get to he FT line consistantly) then trade their 25th pick to a team for their 1st round pick next year, then the Thunder would have 3 1st round pick next year.

2010-2011 Oklahoma City Thunder- 14 man roster

PG: Russell Westbrook/Ronald Curry/Shaun Livingston/Kyle Weaver
SG: James Harden/ Von Wafer/ Thabo Sefalosha/Kyle Weaver
SF: Kevin Durant/ Matt Barnes/ Jeff Green
PF: Jeff Green/ Chris Anderson/ Nick Collison
C: Nenad Kristic/ Radoslav Nesterovic/ Nick Collison

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Ya I see them as a playoff

Ya I see them as a playoff team next year despite what people say. Anderson and Wafer are good pickups cuz you can move sefolosha to backup SF so wafer can be backup SG and b neither will have to be 3rd srting. If they can go get either Chandler, Kaman, or pryzbilla and sign Gortat they'll have 3 options at center which means they could all get fouls and they'll still have a solid guy to come in.If they can package Watson, Atkins, Weaver(They don't need him), and the 25th pick they'll get a solid center. I don't think they need Curry because livingston is a really solid player. Yes, I see them as a playoff team. My predicted deph chart-\
PG- Westbrook- Livingston- Weaver
SG- Harden- Wafer- D. Mason
SF- Durant- Sefolosha- Green
PF- Green- Andersen- Collison
C- Kaman- Kristic- Gortat(depends on foul trouble)

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A year or two away

Even with the suggested personnel moves, this team is still learning the ropes. Sure, they can be a surprise #7 or #8 seed in the Western Conference in a perfect scenario this season, but this squad needs to learn how to win.

One key issue is that teams can cut players, but they owe them guaranteed salaries. Therefore, it does not free up the $12.5M in salary. Also, I've never heard Rasho Nesterovic be associated with the word "great". Ever.

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a god plan to me but they will have a hart time with both of that teams...
what about signing boozer? i don´t really like him but i think he will help them a lot and he wants to opt out this summer i guess... so why not try going for him?

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that's a little optismtic, but if you can get that roster then you got yourself a contender...for the playoffs. I don't think VonWafer will go because he wants to stay in Houston. :) Go Rockets!

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The Thunder have a group of

The Thunder have a group of good young players who will eventually lead them to playoffs. I don't think they will next year because there are just too many good teams in the West right now. There were teams last year with pretty good records that did not get into the playoffs.

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the thunder wont make the

the thunder wont make the playoffs next year. They are going to be a team on the rise, but definitely not a playoff team. there are going to be too many good teams next year and its just not happening for the thunder. there is no way this team is going to win 50 games because that is what it will take for them to do it. i predict they will go 40-42 and ill say theyll definitely be in the playoffs in 2 seasons

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For the Thunder to be a playoff team next year would be almost impossoble. But you never know look what Boston did last year.

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yes, they potentially could compete for the playoffs, but my guess is they will come up just short next season as they continue to grow.

Also, I know it has already been mentioned on here, but you can't just cut Watson, Atkins, and Wilkins, they have gauranteed contracts and this is not the NFL. Also, I have to be a little skeptical of anyone's opinion who thinks that Rasho Nesterovic is great.

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Really good, and really fun to watch..

But I think too young..I see them similar to the Blazers two years ago, finishing in the 9th or 10th seed

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