Ricky Rubio Pre-Draft Interview: Sacramento Kings

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Ricky Rubio Pre-Draft Interview: Sacramento Kings

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this just in...

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cheers man

cheers man

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best part was: interviewer:

best part was:

interviewer: ricky, why do u want to come to the nba?

ricky: there are a lot of things in my game i have to work on like shooting but it was better last year at 43% from 3.

guess he didn't understand the question. lol

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Seems like....

An 18 year old kid from Spain who does not know how to speak English very well, lol. He really does seem like a good kid, and I can sympathize with the fact that English is his second language, and I think he speaks it better than Rudy at this point, which is pretty impressive considering that Rudy is 5 years older. The interview really did not tell you much other than that he is excited to play in the NBA and his favorite point guard is "the CP3." Looking forward to seeing how he does this summer and if he actually does end up with the Kings.

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English is not his second

English is not his second language he can speak Spanish and Catalan like all the people who live in Catalonia.

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He looked a little

He looked a little uncomfortable... The announcer should've spoken more slowly and phrased the questions as simple as possible.

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I love to make my teammates

I love to make my teammates happy and pass to my teammates

I want him. He's sounds honest and ready to lead the NBA in assists and a team to the playoffs

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Offline want him cuz he want him cuz he sounds like hes ready to lead the nba in assist and team to the'll be waiting a couple of years before his game is ready enough to make that happen

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most the PGs are saying that

It's good to hear, but most everyone (Jennings excluded) is saying the right things right now, hoping to get picked high & in a good situation. Sacramento fills both those for Rubio, so I understand why he wants to come here, but it's just words at this point.

Personally as a Kings fan I like 1. Flynn 2. Rubio 3. Holliday 4. Wait until pick 23 to get your PG. But if Rubio ends up here I won't be disappointed - I'll just hope that he lives up to the billing.

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