Richard Solomon

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Richard Solomon

Why isn't Richard Solomon considered a prospect?

Being from Ontario I rarely get to see NCAA games of West Coast teams and Cal is one team that I haven't seen much of....maybe someone can enlighten me. I look at a lot of stats and see that Richard Solomon has been in the top 10 most of this year (I think he's slipped to No. 11 in the country) in rebounds per game. It looks like he's also improved quite a bit over last year. (he went from 8.9 ppg, 6.8 rpg and 47% from the field, to 11.0 ppg, 10.2 rpg and 54% shooting in only 4 more minutes per game, has also lowered turnovers, more than doubled his assists, and saw slight bumps in steals and blocks per game).

Unlike a lot of other players who are among the rebounding leaders, at 6'10'' 235 he has the size to play in the league, and based on some Youtube vids I watched he has NBA level athleticism. And it's not like Cal is a mid-major playing against bad competition. He's not an elite rim protector but at 1.3 BPG it seems like he at least tries and has some success in that area.

So whats holding him back?

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