Ricardo Ledo

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Ricardo Ledo

I honestly think Ricardo Ledo can be a stud in the NBA. He has great size at around 6'6, he's an excellent shot creator, has great ball-handling and creativity, not really an explosive athlete, but has some sneaky athleticism and good length. He is also a very good shooter, though his mechanics can be somewhat inconsistent. This kid has game and I am really rooting for him to reach his potential. Hopefully he can pull it all together. What do you guys think?

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I like Ricky Ledo....

I like Ricky Ledo, he's very talented and has a lot of potential. He actually in my opinion plays a lot like Michael Redd. But ultimately ricky should have stayed in college to develop into a more prepared nba draft prospect and improve his stock. Which would have helped him get drafted in the first round with a fully guaranteed 2 to 3 year contract. ( Ricky Ledo ) ( Michael Redd )

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Ricky Ledo won't get much

Ricky Ledo won't get much burn this season...he's the 11th or 12th man on this roster...It will probably be next year or even longer until we see much from him

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I also am a fan of Ledos game

I also am a fan of Ledos game but hes still a year or two away from contributing regularly although he probably has the talent now to go off for 20 points he still needs to learn to play better without the ball.

Ledo is in a very similar position to Lance Stephenson when he fell to the 2nd round to the Pacers.

I was excited when I thought ghe Sixers owned the rights to the Ledo pick meaning him and Noels would of been reunited.

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Similar situation to Lance

Similar situation to Lance but two very different players. Lance is a WARRIOR and gets after it defensively. Ledo is probably more talented offensively...I hope he can put it all together like Lance did.

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