The return of JOSH HUESTIS

Ok so maybe I went a little overboard with my nephews immediate impact for his first year in college. Most of that had to do with his lack of confidence on top of the substitution pattern that was used. He always had e talent just never had the confidence which is understandable coming from Montana. Now his confidence is good, he has fully grasp the position of SF and I stead of laying the ball up he is now using his 6'8 232lbs 40.3 inch vert to dunk it every time he is close to the basket. He has NBA scouts watching him and he is very confident in his abilities for once in his college career.

Ben Howland in tis write up

But Stanford may be a good spot for young post players to develop a nasty college-level physicality quickly. That's because the Cardinal have hired former interior great and two-time NBA champion Mark Madsen as an assistant coach. Dawkins says that his big assistant, who's only three years removed from his professional career, has already been throwing his muscle around at practice.

"He really gets after it," Dawkins laughed.

This rough-and-tumble approach is also of potential benefit to the promising inside-out threat Huestis, whose potential was lauded by multiple coaches at Pac-12 Media Day. UCLA's Ben Howland said that he saw the junior as a potential breakout standout player in the conference.

"We think Josh Huestis will end up being one of the best defenders in our conference and maybe even the country," Dawkins said.

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I said it then and I'll say

I said it then and I'll say it now: he was screwed the moment you compared him to Grant Hill.

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I'm not the one who came up

I'm not the one who came up with the comparisons. Johnny Dawkins and Snny Vaccaro did

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