Reports say that Seth Curry will join his brother and sign with the Warriors

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Reports say that Seth Curry will join his brother and sign with the Warriors

Thoughts? Obviously the Warriors don't need him, and he would barely get playing time in their backcourt. Seems like a flashy pickup to me in a way, then again it isn't really harmful to the team at all, just interesting that they would pull this move.

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You'll often find teams

You'll often find teams signing additional players to their roster at this point in the summer. In fact, teams go over their roster limit in doing so (Portland, New Orleans). The additions are for upcoming training camps, usually not permanent.

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Ummm....very reminiscent to

Ummm....very reminiscent to the Knicks signing of Chris Smith, JR Smith's younger brother, last year

Gotta put money in your little bro's pockets

Don't forget when Rod Higgins, Bobcats team president, signed his son Cory Higgins to the team 2yrs ago

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To be fair, anyone was good

To be fair, anyone was good enough for that Bobcats team.

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Who is the better backup

Who is the better backup brother, Seth Curry or Ben Hansborough?

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Justin Holiday :) His brother

Justin Holiday :) His brother got traded and Justin got waived, funny .. :)

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If he could come in and knock

If he could come in and knock in 10-20 threes during the regular season, this is a good signing. If not, it doesn't really matter.

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Well Seth Curry has over-sea offers on the table, but decided to sign up with the Warriors during their training camp. I could see the Warriors signing him and then sending him down the road to Santa Cruz?

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Having connections never

Having connections never hurts, no matter what your profession is. That being said, he's a better player than Ben Hansbrough, Corey Higgins, Chris Smith, Taylor Griffin and others who have gotten shots lately because of their connections.

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The Warriors have had quite

The Warriors have had quite some success by signing undrafted players who later on had success on other teams like Jeremy Lin, Anthony Morrow, CJ Watson and Reggie Williams.

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I am surprised that Miami or Houston did not take a strong look at him. It's obvious he is not a pg, but there are a few teams that would love his shooting and that have other guys to make plays so he doesn't have to.

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I think the Warriors are

I think the Warriors are trying to put up 120 points a game this year.

Great signing by the Warriors. Hopefully he sticks, even though the Warriors will be a tough out in the playoffs.

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He is the opposite of kent

He is the opposite of kent bazemore, he is better offensive player with less defense. He was also hurt last year. I think a year of being on santa cruz should help him fully recover and work on his defense and his athleticism so he can play in the NBA, but there are a lot of borderline NBA players like him, so who knows if he will stick in the NBA because if he doesnt he will have a really good career in europe because undersized as in he is a SG who is doesnt have much muscle and is small and isnt a great athlete, players who can score do well over there.

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