REPORT: Mike Miller will sign with the Memphis Grizzlies

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REPORT: Mike Miller will sign with the Memphis Grizzlies

All this news coming out of left-field today! It's big news right when we're about to hit the NBA dead-zone.

From Kurt Helin:

Memphis needs outside shooting to space the floor, it was painfully obvious during the playoffs (and spare me your Rudy Gay stuff, go look at his jump shooting numbers then move on).

Mike Miller was good enough to space the floor for the Miami Heat the last couple years and picked up a couple rings doing so, but they had to cut him loose to save a few bucks.

So match made in heaven? Well, they are at least going to try it out according to Marc Stein.

Both Oklahoma City and Memphis went hard at Miller — Kevin Durant and Marc Gasol led the recruiting charges.

This wasn’t about money — he will sign for the minimum because Miami still has to pay him the rest of his $6.2 million this season. This was about where Miller felt comfortable and wanted to play.

The questions are health and how much Miller can give the Grizzlies during the season? He played in 59 games for Miami and averaged just 4.2 points a game in the regular season last year. Those 59 games were the most he’s played in the regular season in four years — he has back issues and plenty of other nagging injuries.

But when he plays he plays pretty well — he shot 41.7 percent from three last season. Notice Miami had him on the court in all seven NBA Finals games for at least 15 minutes, and had some key moments in the Heat’s Game 6 win (he played almost 30 minutes that night). Or, remember Game 5 of the 2012 Finals against the Thunder.

This is a good pickup for Memphis. If he’ll be healthy enough to really help the Grizzlies remains to be seen, but that this price it’s a fantastic gamble.


Great for the Grizzlies, devastating for the Thunder.

That means the Grizz have Arthur, Leuer, and now Miller who can shoot the rock. I expect the Grizz to be a contender next season. On the level of OKC/Spurs/Clippers? That remains to be seen.

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Grizzlies traded Arthur, so

Grizzlies traded Arthur, so they don't have him anymore.

Anyways, this is a great signing for the Grizz. They needed a shooter and they got one. I expect Miller to play a very significant role on the team, especially come play-off team. If Marc Gasol can make another jump as a player and Miller is healthy, this could be a dark-horse contender to come out of the west. They are just a really tough out in the play-offs and Miller addresses their biggest weakness.

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Not bad, no true "superstar"

Not bad, no true "superstar" but has potential because its a solid team like the 04 Pistons type no superstars but can get the job done together

Conley - Bayless
Allen - Miller / Wroten
Prince - Pondexter
Randolph - Davis / Leur
Gasol - Koufos

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Good move for the Grizzlies,

Good move for the Grizzlies, now they don't have to rely on Pondexter to make all their corner threes, and he gives them more floor spacing. He's played with Memphis before, so he should feel comfortable. I am surprised though that he decided to leave Miami after winning two rings.

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He was amnestie, he had no

He was amnestie, he had no real choice

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Oh yea thanks.

Oh yea thanks.

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It must have been Conley's

It must have been Conley's offer of free golf for the year that put Memphis over the top.

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Fanstastic move by the

Fanstastic move by the Grizzlies. Having a 3 pt threat like Miller will make defenders respect their outside shooting instead of collapsing into the key to nullify Zbo and Gasol. I'd like to hear their reactions on this signing!

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Tough times

Tough basketball time of year when Mike Miller becomes big news.

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Given the state of his back,

Given the state of his back, I don't think Memphis would be wise to rely on him for regular time during the season. The 232 minutes he gave Miami in the playoffs were important, but him only playing 900 in the regular season helped make that possible.

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Agree 100%

Grizzlies don't need Miller for the season. They need to save him as much as possible for the playoffs. He stayed healthy last year, but Miami didn't play him unless they needed him. A lot of guys that would probably mess them up, but every time they have needed Miller he has been ready when his name is called. I'm not sure what their cap situation looks like, but I would probably add another sg just to be able to keep Miller rested during the year.

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Miller have alot of close

Miller have alot of close ties to Memphis and he has a home there..He said he never wanted to leave when he was traded,but he enjoyed his time in Miami winning 2 rings and wants to bring 1 to Memphis.....

Miller is known for his outside shooting,but he can defend,create plays for himself and others and he can rebound...The question is can he stay healthy?

Penny,Marc Gasol,Conley,Brevin Knight,Sean Touey and coach Joerger all made pitches to Mike for him to return to the team...

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