Report : Heat expected to waive Mike Miller

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Report : Heat expected to waive Mike Miller

The Miami Heat are expected to waive veteran guard Mike Miller via the amnesty provision ahead of Tuesday's deadline, sources told

Miller's agents already have begun reaching out to other teams who may have interest in Miller ahead of him officially being waived, according to sources.

The move will save the Heat nearly $17 million in luxury taxes this season and reduce their expected tax bill, projected to be $33 million, by half. The Heat still owe Miller $12.8 million over the next two seasons as part of a contract he signed in 2010.

The decision reveals a bit of a split in the Heat front office. Team president Pat Riley said several times since the end of the Finals that he didn't want to use the amnesty on Miller and he wanted to bring the back-to-back champions back intact for another run next season.

Riley went so far as to say "we're not using the amnesty" in a conference call with reporters last week.

"I want to try to keep this team intact as long as we can because we have a championship basketball team here," Riley said. "I would hate to break any part of it up, that is productive and leads to winning."

Riley said the choice on Miller, though, ultimately would be an ownership decision. It appears principal owner Micky Arison and his son, team CEO and part owner Nick Arison, decided to overrule Riley with the huge tax bill the facing the Heat. For the 2012-13 season, the Heat paid $13.3 million in luxury tax, the most Arison ever has paid and more than twice what he paid when the Heat won the title in 2012.

It is possible the Heat will release Miller to set up another deal. They still have their $3.2 million mid-level exception and are one of the teams interested in free agent center Greg Oden.

Miller, who has been a playoff hero for the Heat during their past two championship runs, has battled numerous injuries. He had four surgeries after signing with the Heat to his thumbs, shoulder and to repair a sports hernia. Miller also has had back problems. He averaged 46 games played over the past three regular seasons.

But 2012-13 was his healthiest year. He played in 59 games but averaged career lows in points (4.8) and minutes (15.3). He played in all seven games in the Finals, starting the last four games, averaging 5.3 points and shooting a remarkable 61 percent on 3-pointers.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst summed this all up well, "Thunder trade of Harden, Grizzlies trade of Gay, Lakers amnesty Metta, Heat amnesty Miller all same reason: new CBA in operation" (

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New CBA is really screwing a

New CBA is really screwing a lot of teams.

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I played in a pickup game

I played in a pickup game with him,Penny,Elliot Perry,Antonio Burke,Snap Hunter and a few Memphis high schoolers years ago when he was with Memphis..Very down to earth guy,with a great sense of humor.....I agree they do need to get a big man,to challenge guys like Lopez & Hibbert..But i hate to see Miller go...

People view him as just a shooter..But he has a solid all around game,good defender,passer and rebounder....Memphis Grizzlies need to give him a call if he's let go...Or sign Rip Hamilton.....Becuz they havent done SH!T so far this off season to address their lack of perimeter shooting...

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He's making too much for the

He's making too much for the amount of games he has played anyway.

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Did wade tweet this same

Did wade tweet this same response when bosh and lebron left their teams to join him? It's all business and miller costing the team over 20 mill next season to barely play is too much.

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"New CBA is really screwing a

"New CBA is really screwing a lot of teams."

... new CBA is forcing teams to avoid overpaying players and to get every year 1 bargain if you want to contend (last year : andersen).

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Mike Miller.

Yeah, I definitely agree! The Memphis Grizzlies need to sign this guy. He would be our last piece of the puzzle. A veteran 3/2 who can shoot the 3, handle, and pass. He was also a fan favorite here. I think that MM could put us over the top!

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I hope its worth it when they

I hope its worth it when they sign (or if they sign) Greg Oden....

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Really hate to see Miller go.

Really hate to see Miller go. He played very well in the past two finals. He was supposed to be a really big factor as a 6th man off the bench to spread the floor when the big 3 all came together, but he could just never stay healthy. I would love to see him head over to OKC.

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Loyalty doesn't exist in thw business world...... sad but true

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Hope the Rockets snag him.

Hope the Rockets snag him. He'd be great off the bench behind Parsons and Harden.

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Several teams could use him

I think several teams could use him to help their playoff push.... OKC, Memphis, San Antonio, Houston, Chicago, even the Lakers and Pistons can use him. Im pretty sure if he clears waivers, he'll have a lot of teams knocking on his door.

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