Report: DeJuan Blair to Washington?

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Report: DeJuan Blair to Washington?

It looks like the Wizards are trying to acquire DeJuan Blair in a sign and trade with the Spurs.

More info here:

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Will Pop get the most out of

Will Pop get the most out of Vesely if he's part of the package?

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I really like Blair i think

I really like Blair i think he can help some teams..But Washington need more athleticism upfront...And Blair is sort of similar to Booker....

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As a diehard wizards fan, I can say YES I want blair (only if we don't give up too much for him of course, and dont take on some kind of big salary like nene okafor and ariza have given us) but the booker comparison is jsut not true in my opinion. Booker is actually extremely athletic, he is just undersized and doesn't seem to have a very large reach so his role is limited to a few energy minutes.

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I think this would be an

I think this would be an interesting get for the Wizards. Blair got lost in the rotation down in San Antonio. Really think he could make a solid impact for a team like the Wizards.

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Spus could potentially get a

Spus could potentially get a guy with serious untapped potential. Vesley has floundered as a pro, but his physical tools are very intriguing. Singleton could be a great defender in the league if he puts it all together.

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Vesley for Blair would be a

Vesley for Blair would be a good deal but I wonder would Blair be lost in Washington's rotation next season unless Okafor moves on. You'd have Nene and Okafor as starters then Seraphin as first big off the bench then Blair and Booker potentially,

Vesley under Coach Poppovich looks a great fit to see if he can become a legit NBA player.

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Blair is a good player. He

Blair is a good player. He can surely be productive when given the minutes. On a side note....if you check back...myself and a few others repeatedly stated that Vesely was way overhyped coming into the draft. I seem to remember being in the minority on that opinion however.

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the only time

I saw Jan Vesely scored was during the draft night.

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