Report: Bryan Colangelo to be removed as GM of Raptors

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Report: Bryan Colangelo to be removed as GM of Raptors

Toronto Raptors President and general manager Bryan Colangelo will make a transition from basketball operations to the front office, Yahoo! columnist Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Monday. According to Wojnarowski, the Raptors are also preparing a “major” financial offer to current Nuggets general manager and reigning NBA Executive of the Year, Masai Ujiri.

Colangelo will be moved to the corporate side of Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment in what Wojnarowski calls a “significant” position. MLSE, who owns the Raptors, the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs and Major League Soccer team Toronto FC, recently hired former AEG executive Tim Leiweke as president and CEO. Leiweke, who is based in Los Angeles, said he was friends with Phil Jackson, who was linked to having interest in a front office position with the Raptors.

The Raptors finished 34-48 last season.
Good news for Raptor fans

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Toronto Raptors

Change was needed with the Raptors' organization. At first I was a huge supporter of Colangelo but thinks have gone sour in the past four years.

Now the question is... Who is a good fit for the Raptors? Is it Masai Ujiri who was known for keeping the Denver Nuggets competitive with the Carmelo Anthony trade or should the Raptors start from the bottom and rebuild that way and go with Troy Weaver from the OKC Thunder who has seen the Thunder start from the bottom and now are contenders for the championship.

IMO, I feel the Raptors should start from rock bottom and attempt to draft Wiggins and build through the draft. I'd rather us go through that phase and get superstar players as opposed to remain competitive like the Nuggets, Hawks but can't get past the 1st/2nd rounds of the playoffs.

What do you guys/ladies think?

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I would love Wiggins but we

I would love Wiggins but we would have a slim chance at drafting him and after so many years of not making the playoffs, I'd rather focus on adding some vets to the roster and focus on trying to make the 6th or 7th seed next year. If we can somehow swing a big trade, we would be able to aim even higher than that.

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As a Wolves fan who also dealt with horrible GM'ing for the last few years, congratulations on your loss! Colangelo screwed things up pretty big up there, yaaaay. One thing's for sure- whoever takes the job has a HUGE mess to clean up.

What good things have they got going for them? Lowry is a good asset, as is Valanciunas. Amir Johnson proved to be a nice piece to the puzzle as well. When he got PT, Terrence Ross looked like an NBA level 2 (especially in the dunking department XD).

But man, do they have some HORRIBLE contracts on that roster. They've got 2 ultra-inefficient, overpaid 2/3's in Gay and DeRozan, a stretch 4/5 who may be the worst #1 pick in recent memory in Bargnani with a virtually untradeable contract (i.e. there's no way they're getting back equal value), Landry Fields' godawful deal, and the rest of the roster is basically unremarkable. And thanks to the Lowry deal, they lose out on picking a nice rotation piece in the lotto this year unless it's a top 3 pick. They also should not have given up Ed Davis and Calderon.

They're at a place where they're gonna be stuck in mediocrity, which in the NBA is the worst place to be, because they won't get rewarded with high draft picks. At this point, I think they need to:

1) Cut bait with Bargs, even though his trade value is super low given his contract and sub-par play. Give him away for whoever will take him, try and get something of value in return that won't clog up the salary books.
2) I think they have to make a choice between either Gay or DeRozan at some point, because they're exactly the same player. Having both of them is a salary cap-killer, and a team chemistry killer (they both loooooooove jacking shots), not to mention they're taking away from Terrence Ross' development. But which one of them should they keep? And who will take the other? They have a bit more trade value than Bargnani, which is good.
3) Find a taker for Landry Fields.
4) Suck hard. Try and win the Wiggins/Parker/Randle sweepstakes.

Whoever takes the Raps GM spot definitely has their work cut out for them.

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For the Best

I've never actually been a hater of BC. Have like some of what he has done. At the same time we have always sort of been one step behind of where we should have been. Not all of that is on the GM, but some of it surely has to be.

Time to see what someone else will do with the team. Like the direction they were going, but I'm just not sure they have that much more room to move up as is.

It is a good enough team that you don't have to start from scratch again. But if the next guy wants to try I don't have a serious problem with that. Especially when the 2014 draft is going to be very top heavy. Even if they don't get Wiggins there will be enough other talent available to make the gamble worth it.

So really I'm just curious to see who they get and how they move forward.

Always possible the next guy dose even worse - though if it is Ujiri I can't see that as being the case.

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