Remember Vucevic's Meaningless Stats?

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Remember Vucevic's Meaningless Stats?

Last year I remember watching Vucevic put up insane numbers, only to be written off by many as a stat stuffer on a bad team. I'm not an Orlando fan and I rarely watch them play, so I was never sure. However, I watched him play last night and he was flat-out dominant. His D is far from elite at this point, but his technique on O and his rebounding are going to make him a top C for years to come in my opinion.

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He was playing against the

He was playing against the Clippers bigs and they're not known for their defense or being physical....

But he has shown a little more aggressive and playing with a mean streak, which has gotten under the skin of some players......He been demanding the ball once he establish position inside....Some players have started calling him a dirty player,but coach Vaughn loves that aggression....So far this season he is averaging a double double 17 pts/13 rbs...

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deandre jordan isnt known for

deandre jordan isnt known for his defense?

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He is very good

Too bad Doug Collins is a lousy talent evaluator and loathe to play rookies or he'd be starting in Philly backup up by Hawes. He is fundamentally very sound and was in college and is now, a very good rebounder

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As a Clipper fan I disagree.

As a Clipper fan I disagree. DJ and Blake were doing a pretty decent job up until Vucevic started doing that up and under cheese. More bigs need that move. So deadly.

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Oh how I wanted the Rockets

Oh how I wanted the Rockets to draft Nikola Vucevic with the 14th pick, I knew he was the real deal.

I remember thinking he was the best player of the draft, ahead of Kanter and Val.

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They were not inflated

They were not inflated numbers, he played the Heat and dominated. He is a man-tower with good low body strength and mobility some teams dont have a matchup for him and he just gets tip ins and easy buckets.

He is legit

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Big man with alot of

Big man with alot of strength, rebounding ability, and a silky offensive game for a guy his size. Sounds like a poor man's Kevin Love to me

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Vucevic has a strong body, has a true instinct for rebounds. is always focused on the game, and is big.In this league there are no more Shaq, or David, or Hakeem, no surprise a good C could become a great C.

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