Remaining FAs - Where Do They Fit?

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Remaining FAs - Where Do They Fit?

Looking at FA period most major FA's are off the market (except for Bledsoe), so now it is time for (contending) teams to chase down veterans who are prepared to play for the minimum. These four FA veterans still have enough in the tank to contribute the team, yet in a limited role of the bench.

Emeka Okafor (C: 26.0 min, 9.7ppg, 8.8rpg, 1.2apg, .477/NA/.571*)|
The Clippers have assembled a quality team, led by a quality coach. Their main problem last year was a lack of depth up front, which they tried to resolve by signing Hawes to a reasonable contract. Although a very good shooting big man, he doesn't bring the defensive intensity to the team they need to back-up Griffin and Jordan. Despite that Okafor missed entire last season with a herniated disc, I still believe he can serve as a very solid defensive big man. Before missing last year he had good averages and provided solid low post defense for an average Wizards squad. His only problem, apart from his health, is his FT% which is fairly low, something they might fear considering Jordan also has FT problems. Overall, he would provide the Clippers with a solid 15-20 low post defense from the bench, which is something they clearly lack right now.
--> Destination: Los Angeles Clippers
* Stats from 2012/2013

Shawn Marion (SF/PF: 31.7 min, 10.4ppg, 6.5rpg, 1.6apg, .482/.358/.785)
Despite becoming older and older, Marion still provides good defense and experience, while also being a solid shooter as shown by his percentages. His shot might not look good, but he still managed to shoot almost 36% from 3 which is solid. One potential problem with signing Marion is that he might look for more than the veteran's minimum, but looking at teams' payrolls there is just not enough money left for him to get more. He should be sought after by a lot of team, but one team I like him on are the Chicago Bulls. They moved Deng last year, and Marion can fill a similar (though less prominent) role as big wing player. He will fit as a Thibodeau-type of player, and although the Bulls have plenty of depth on their team, I feel they could use an experienced stopper who they can throw at any star wing player they will face. Next to that the Bulls offer him room, considering they still have a spot open on their roster.
--> Destination: Chicago Bulls

Leandro Barbosa (SG: 18.2 min, 7.5ppg, 1.9rpg, 1.6apg, .427/.280/.795)
Although Barbosa might not be the electrifying 6th man he used to be, he still provides a veteran presence who can suit up as a SG and in bits as a PG as well. Considering I feel the Warriors could use one more guard, adding an experienced piece like Barbosa might suit them well. For Barbosa it makes sense to look for a place that fits his playing style, which exactly what would await him with the run-and-gun style the Warriors play (6th pace in NBA).
--> Destination: Golden State Warriors

Ramon Sessions (PG: 32.5 min, 15.8ppg, 3.1rpg, 4.8apg, .461/.357/.841)
One of the better PG options still left on the market, Sessions had pretty good numbers last year suiting up for Charlotte. He provides a veteran presence, able to control the pace of the game, while also hauling in plenty of rebounds and shooting nice percentages as a bonus. Thusfare, the Cavaliers lack quality depth at the PG position, and bringing in somebody that can also play with Irving on occasions (Sessions is 6'3) would make their team instantly stronger. Add to that his previous period with the Cavs (during which he showed good passing instincts) and I see him going to Cleveland.
--> Destination: Cleveland Cavaliers

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I work in the Clubs in

I work in the Clubs in Chicago, and I've been seeing Shawn Marion in them a lot lately.

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I dont

I dont see Okafor going to LAC. They already have a solid rotation in Griffin / Jordan / Davis / Hawes. I dont think Okafor would be liking to play garbage time when he can play starter / solid minutes in lets say Cleveland

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okafor to miami - lack of

okafor to miami - lack of bigs.

marion to chicago - perfect fit for the bulls' defensive system.

barbosa to rockets - no depth behind harden.

sessions to orlando - not sure if they just turn the keys over to payton without a quality plan b.

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Why would the cavs want

Why would the cavs want sessions when they already have delledova on a rookie contract. He is a solid back up point guard in the league, he plays tough defense, can shoot and makes smart plays. That to me sounds like the ideal back up PG on a team with lebron

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Is Okafor going to be

Is Okafor going to be effective? He didn't play at all last season.

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Cleveland needs to add 1 more

Cleveland needs to add 1 more big. The only centers that they have are Varejao and a broken-down Brendan Haywood

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I don't like to correct posts, but you forgot the word broken-down in front of Varejao.

Offensively they should score a lot of points, but I don't like the way they look defensively, especially if they ship out Thompson and Wiggins in an eventual trade for Love or somebody else.

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